Pretty girls in tragedies

February 23, 2007 5:53 PM

This week in Australia, we had the freaky coincidence of bad things happening to three women who happened to be pretty. I’m sure there are other women out there, pretty or not who have had bad things happened to them this week too, but only these three were brought to national attention.

I wonder though: does it make a story more tragic, hence more news-worthy if the victim was attractive? Because the first thing that I thought when I saw these stories was that, “Hmm, that’s a shame.”

Jenny Franco

Mind you, what one victim suffered was so brutal and callous, and through no fault of her own that it was bound to make the news. That victim is Sydney woman Jenny Franco, aged 23. She was hit by a car early Tuesday morning, believed to be a taxi and was dragged 150 metres in a hit and run accident.

The horrific injuries of a young Sydney woman who was dragged 150 metres in a hit-and-run accident are like a “gunshot wound at close range” and the worst Sydney surgeons say they have seen.

“Jen has lost one eye, one leg may have to be amputated and, if successful in her fight for life, she will require major facial reconstruction,” said Jenny’s sister, Cathy Franco, today.

Car drags girl 150 metres – National –

Annabel Catt

Though the first victim of the week, also another Sydney women, was Annabel Catt who died early Sunday morning. Annabel had taken what was later confirmed to be “a highly toxic, rare amphetamine that is often passed off as ecstasy.” A woman who allegedly supplied her with the pill turned herself in to police.

The dance teacher and former vice-captain of Narrabeen Sports High School died early on Sunday after apparently taking ecstasy at the Good Vibrations dance festival at Centennial Park. It is believed that two friends with her on Saturday were also treated in hospital for the effects of the drug.

Annabel’s father Peter said this at her funeral yesterday:

“We all take risks in life,”

“Some eat or drink too much. Some smoke, some drive recklessly … the list is endless,”

“Annabel took a risk. She took what she believed was ecstasy … She risked, she died.”

Annabel drug alert as woman charged – National –
‘Bubbly’ Annabel’s fatal risk – National –

Kinda makes me a little apprehensive because I have taken ecstasy before and I know friends who do it whenever they party. As Annabel’s father said, “We all take risks in life.” Is it worth it? Life is short enough without us fucking it over right?

Carly Ryan

The third victim is also the one we know the least about. She’s 15-year old Carly Ryan of Adelaide. Her fully-clothed body was found early Tuesday morning, in shallow waters off a beach. I said we know little about her because even the police have begun scouring her list of contacts on her MySpace profile in the hope of finding clues about her death.

[An Adelaide newspaper] report listed a MySpace page called “Synthetic.Slut” as her personal site.

She last logged onto it the day before her body was found.

However police were today refusing to comment on the murder investigation, nor whether it involved her MySpace website, which features graphic images of women tied up, people injecting drugs, scenes of bondage and a photo of a bloodied woman with a wooden cross thrust down her throat.

Among the interests listed by the 15-year-old on the website are “drugs, smoking, music, kink, teases, screaming for no reason, showers, make up, sex [and] gigs.”

Graphic website clue to Carly’s death – web – Technology –

It’d be all too easy to judge Carly based on the descriptions above. But for all we know, her death could have been something mundane and accidental.

Life’s like that isn’t it? You just never know. Which is why I don’t believe in fate, destiny or a God pre-ordaining anything for us. Your life is what you make of it so live it well because one minute you are here, and the next maybe not.

You just never know.

3 thoughts on “Pretty girls in tragedies

  1. steph

    Regardless of what they looked like, they were all young women in the prime of their lives, well apart from the 15 year old who will never reach that point.

    I do believe in a “higher power” but tragedies always make me wonder.

  2. girlstar7

    As Steph mentioned above, they were all in the prime of their lives. How sad that their lives were cut so short. Like the first girl that died, I am also 23 and hope I will be around for at least another 60 years or so…but I guess you never know.
    My heart goes out to the family and friends of the girls mentioned above. I couldn’t imagine the suffering their parents must be going through.
    Totally agree with your last sentence. We don’t know how long we’ll be here, so I believe in living life to the max!

  3. mooiness Post author

    steph: true that, it all feels like a very big waste.

    girlstar7: yes, it’s a cliche but we all should live every day to the fullest because random and terrible things happen everyday.


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