Overheard at the Club

February 25, 2007 3:19 AM

A sexy and attractive plus-size woman in a flaming red dress was smiling and dancing provocatively next to a below-average plus-size man.

Friends of the man egged him to dance closer to the woman. The man backed off, TWICE. Both times he didn’t even bother to smile at the woman even when she said “hello” to him.

His friends yelled out to him,

What the fuck’s wrong with you?!

He said,

She’s fat!

Guy needs a smack upside his head.

14 thoughts on “Overheard at the Club

  1. girlstar7

    I have over-heard similar things. I’ve heard VERY average looking guys talking about pretty hot girls saying stuff like, ‘I don’t know she’s got a bit of extra weight on her stomach and I don’t like the way her eyes are too small…and maybe if her boobs were a bit bigger.’ It’s like JESUS man beggars can’t be choosers, hey?! And then guys wonder why us girls are always obsessed by our looks and weight…

  2. van

    yeah that’s why it’s the old overweight men who have to pay the $400 an hour for the attractive young escorts to pretend to be sexually attracted to them. it’s funny really, and ironically sad.

    here i get a date any time i want, any place i want with just a raised eyebrow and a pointed look in target’s direction, but back home, at 5’8 i get a little of shit (and no boyfriends) because i am too tall, or too big sized, or too intimidating or..something i dont know. nope not bitter at all…hahaha.

  3. DeV|LisH

    I’m most agreed with all that he need a smack.
    But i encounter such situation if u would like to know. It’s sort of a blind date.My fren want to meet up with this irc chat fren whom are soooooooooooooooo eager to meet her.

    But after they meet up his reaction totally change and even ask her if she
    got any other lenglui to intro. Then me who sit beside my fren just tell him we got tonnes of lenglui friends but they are attached and thank God they are cos if not they also wouldn’t be looking at you la big fat ugly Ah pek!

    Then he walk out of the cafe furiously hahaha wat do i care. I mean he already insulted my fren indirectly and me so wat for i give him face rite? this type of ppl really need a smacking.

  4. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: nothing wrong with having preferences but when it is coupled with an exaggerated sense of self-worth, then it’s ludicrous.

    mf: Men! 😀

    mizns: all of us are superficial to a certain extent, but the fact that he wasn’t even friendly to her when she was, was callous.

    cynthia: yes, “man in the mirror” indeed.

    van: heheh, no no, you aren’t bitter at all. I’m not intimidated by “big” woman at all. Pretty women come in all forms.

    explicist: voluptuous eh? Woo yeah. I love that word.

    Devilish: excellent attack! Flawless victory! 😀

  5. BigZapfer

    Hi I’m a guy, I thought I better add a comment cause it was getting a bit one sided in here.

    All I can say is that a woman is the most beautiful thing a man will ever see, only being challenge by maybe a Ferrari (any one, doesn’t matter, just pick one) and then his child 🙂 .

    All these guys who go around basing all their relationship on looks alone, need to grow up and actually talk to a woman before you make a decision.

    I won’t lie by saying looks don’t count, cause us guys have eyes that are hardwired for sound, if you know what I mean but beauty really is more then skin deep and it doesn’t fade as quick, or get saggy.

    My old man used to say that distance lends her beauty, the same goes for personality, humor, confidence and intelligence.

    Thats all I got to say 🙂


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