My life as a sitcom

February 27, 2007 10:01 PM


Sex on the beach? The drink – yes. The actual thing? Too much sand.

This facade of me being sexless is actually real.

Sometimes I fantasise that I was an actor playing a dweeb on a sitcom, and that the sitcom was this blog. And then away from the blog, I would get all the hot chicks because I’m that cool actor who plays a dweeb on a sitcom. That would be fantastic.

Except the sitcom, this blog is actually my real life too. Shite.

But you know, I’m very ok being single. I may be alone at times but I’m not lonely. I’m surrounded by a great family and I have great friends near and far. I walk to my own timetable and I spend my money anyway I want it. In short, it’s great.

Which is why I say “no thanks” to your couple-powered – double the action! – condescension and pity. You can keep those to yourself. Except for sex. If you can get me some of that, I will thank you greatly. I’ll even forget what you said about singles being dysfunctional and selfish people. Go on – sharing is caring! :mrgreen:

8 thoughts on “My life as a sitcom

  1. girlstar7

    I am newly single now after a long term relationship ended late last year. At first, I felt like crap, cause obviously when a relationship ends that’s how you feel. But now, I’m starting to feel pretty good. In fact, I’m starting to enjoy being single and I think I’m gonna stay single for quite a while. I am in no rush to jump straight into another relationship. There are definitely advantages to being on your own and you can learn a lot about yourself.
    You know what they say? you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. so the best relationships actually start when both people have learnt to love themselves, which helps if you’ve been single for long periods of time and learnt a lot about yourself.
    Don’t listen to anyone who says single people are dysfunctional and selfish. They are complete morons. Look how many dysfunctional relationships there are out there. And it’s way more dysfunctional to jump straight from one r’ship to the next than to stay single for a while. So tell them to fuck off.
    BTW, nice beach pic. Totally wish I was there right now. Where is it??

  2. BigZapfer

    You know man, I don’t think it’s so much being selfish as it is being lazy.

    Once you stop dating for a while (by dating I mean your actually interested in spending time with them because you enjoy yourself and you’re not just after her), you kind of view long term relationships as a fair bit of work, or maybe I’ve just been going out with the wrong kinda girl 🙂

    girlstar7 has got a good point, why the hell does everyone have conform to the norm? I like being single and I don’t see a problem in being single for a while longer, you don’t have to go through life doing everything by the book. Who the hell writes the book anyway, not the people who get the most out of life, that’s for damn sure.

  3. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: well in my story above, I’m asking a straight couple rhetorically. 😉

    girlstar7: True that, you must love being in your own skin first before you can truly love another person. And the resultant relationship won’t be a crutch for either one – less clinginess and less unhealthy emotional dependence on it. I’m exaggerating about my complains but there’s some truth in how some couples view single ppl.

    The beach is Langkawi in Malaysia.

    BigZapher: I won’t say laziness, more lack of motivation perhaps. Or plain inertia. As you’ve said, with the right kind of girl you won’t even feel like it’s work.

  4. Rachel

    Hmm, been there done that. I actually went through the longest period of dry spell ever, before meeting my current boyfriend. So I can empathise. Trudge on, mate! ;)Am sure you will find someone for you out there.


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