Spam Musubi

March 13, 2007 8:23 PM

I was doing my round of tech reading this morning and stumbled onto a post on my hosting provider’s blog which talked about spam. As in the e-mail kind and how the term came to be associated with junk e-mails. But obviously you can’t talk about spam, without talking about the edible version which got its shortened name from “Spiced Ham“.

In the post, the author then mentioned something called “spam musubi“. My curiousity suitably piqued, I went and wiki-ed it. And my mouth watered almost immediately.

Spam musubi is a very popular snack or luncheon food in Hawaii made in the tradition of Japanese onigiri or omusubi. A slice of Spam is placed onto a block of rice and a piece of nori (dried seaweed) wrapped around the Spam-rice combination to hold it together.

You may hate spam (heathen!), or you’ve never liked sushi but you’d be lying if this picture doesn’t make your mouth water!

Here’s another great picture of a spam musubi, and the general recipe for musubi where the spam can be replaced by various other toppings.

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