When are you too old to party?

March 23, 2007 9:23 PM

Triple J’s Hack program recently did a piece asking the question, “When are you too old to party?” Some of the people in the story stopped at 24! Weak! 😛

I’m 32 this year, turning 33 in December. When do I think I will stop partying and clubbing? I think I’ve mentioned before that I think my body will give out before my mind does. I will stop once I can’t stay up as long as I wished to and it starts to hurt the next morning. Not that it doesn’t hurt now and again currently, but a couple of hours after I wake up I can be up for it again.

Sometimes I amaze myself with my energy and enthusiasm, and that I still haven’t got sick of listening to house and trance music. Good trance music especially is like a narcotic for me because it makes me smile.

My alcohol intake is moderate and controlled and I don’t overly rely on party drugs. So, maybe I can keep it up till I’m 40? Who knows. Many of the world’s famous DJs are still spinning past their 40s so it’s not that strange.

The question is: what does society think of a clubber who’s past his 40s? Irresponsible? Immature? If I’m a Clark Kent during the week, can’t I be PartyMan on the weekend? If I earn my own keep, have good finances and manage to save a little, what’s the harm if I don’t overdo it?

Of course, I speak like this now because I’m single and because I don’t look my age at all. I might think differently when the young girls start to think as me as that creepy old guy who still clubs and looks at them. Heh.

Maybe then I will say to myself, “Ok, that’s enough.” Then again, maybe not.

Oh and tonight I’m going to see Mark Dynamix at Ambar. :mrgreen:



14 thoughts on “When are you too old to party?

  1. DeV|LisH

    Good for you then Mooey. Me never into clubbing but honestly age is just a number. Enjoy what you’re doing till u feel u had enuff of it!

  2. shelly rayedeane

    You’re right. You don’t look your age. I think the time to hang up the party boots is usually when someone has children or when the affect the lives of others.

    Your single, support yourself, look very happy, and aren’t affecting anyone else in a negative way with your actions.

    So I say, “Party it up!”

  3. sourrain

    i had said this many times to many people..

    true clubbers are the ones who are in love with the music; and not there in the clubs to see and be seen. You can usually weed them out – those that stop as soon as they are coupled up are the posers.It doesn’t matter how old you are – just because you turned 50 doesn’t mean your music taste should be restricted to Dolly Parton.

    It really doesn’t even matter if you wake up the next day aching. True clubbers are the ones who stay true to the music.SO what if you can’t stay up till 5am anymore:)

  4. mf

    i hardly club too, cos my wk oredi requires me to step into clubs for functions..=_=…which is y..u know.

    then again, i dun think age matters la…as long as u hv fun, who cares.
    but..u r quite rite abt the creepy old man thingy haha..

  5. mooiness Post author

    DeV|LisH: age is just a number until your body tells you otherwise. 😉

    shelly: yeah you’re right about the responsibilities. May be too tired to club as well if I’m running around doing other things all day long.

    sourrain: I know the posers you are talking about – they are everywhere. Dance music is this generation’s rock and roll – imagine us being old and still listening to it. Spin out. 🙂

    herman: last night was not too crowded so it was good.

    mf: let’s hope there are many years left before I become “creepy old guy”.

  6. girlstar7

    My friend and I (both in our twenties) used to party with these 40-year-old guys a couple years back. They were a lot of fun, they didn’t look or act their age, and they still loved the music. Like you, they were both unattached and just enjoy the party lifestyle. One of them has since settled down and doens’t go out much anymore…but nonetheless it took him until 40 to get over it and settle down properly so that’s a lot of years partying! as far as i know, the other guy is still partying!
    And stopping at 24, that is pretty weak! Although I often meet people that are 20 and hate the party scene, it’s just not for them…so each to their own.

  7. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: yeah to each their own. I can’t even imagine settling down at the moment but circumstances may change in an instant. So am enjoying it while I still can. 🙂

  8. juji

    i will be turning 21 this year, and already i feel “too old” for clubs in many respects.

    particularly because those that frequent drum&bass events in perth appear to be getting younger and younger by the second…i swear some of those young whippersnappers look about thirteen to me.

    i thank my lucky asian genes i’ll look young for a while more, though. ha ha.

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