Bogans: a little bit of Australiana

March 27, 2007 8:51 PM

The “bogan” is a quintessential part of Australian culture. They are the equivalent of “white trash” and “chavs”. A kinder description would be to call them “less enlightened” or less exposed to the wider world and the way modern society acts and behaves.

The Castle, movie

The bogan was lovingly portrayed in movies such as “The Castle” and “Muriel’s Wedding“, and in TV shows like “Kath and Kim” and Eric Bana’s character Poida (Peter) in “Full Frontal”.

Kath and Kim

If you live in Australia and you’ve seen the movies, then you’d know the characters are not exaggerations. They do exist. In Steph’s latest adventure, appropriately titled “A Very Bogan Wedding” we get a glimpse into her very bogan relations:

… a very proud, flag waving, bogan* relative of mine, was married on the weekend, and I laughed so much I cried. I’m not a bogan hater, in fact, I have many relatives of this breed. My own father, a born and bred country boy from Forbes in country NSW, is as feral as can be. How he managed to attract and marry an English, boarding school, university educated, all around classy chick like my mum is totally beyond me. But I digress.

I heart me some bogans.

And it gets better. Think of this exchange in “Muriel’s Wedding”:

Tania: He says they’re not sleeping together. She only sucks him off.
Cheryl: Why?
Tania: Out of respect for me.
Nicole: Bitch.

And you’d get an idea of what Steph witnessed at the wedding and more. Go on and have a laugh. And rent out the movies after. 🙂

Eric Bana as Poida

5 thoughts on “Bogans: a little bit of Australiana

  1. mae

    Ah, gotta love them bogans. 🙂 We used to fight over the remote in boarding school. We wanted to watch The O.C. They wanted to watch All Saints. 🙂 I heart me some bogans. HAHA

  2. mooiness Post author

    mae: I would have thought it’d to be “McCleod’s Daughters”. 😀

    Lisa Y: heheh there’s the Aussie bogans and then there’s the Lebanese ones as portrayed in “Fat Pizza”. Classic.

  3. girlstar7

    I just read Steph’s post and laughed so hard I almost cried! (can’t comment though as I don’t have a blog).
    I loved the bit where the guy changed half way thru into shorts and a wife-beater and subsequently left early to go to a greyhound race meet! Absolutely classic!
    Yep, gotta love movies like The Castle and Muriel’s Wedding, classie Oztralian, hey!


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