Back to the mothership

March 29, 2007 8:55 PM

The Ooi family, circa 1980
The Ooi family, circa 1980

It’s now been four months since my parents and my brother moved into the house that I’m staying in. I thought I’d reflect on how my life’s changed:

  • waking up and coming home to home-cooked meals
  • laundry folded and ironed for me, once more
  • coming back to house filled with people is always good
  • Snoop the dog gets more attention
  • More conversations

Though there’s also the bad stuff:

  • gotta turn down the volume earlier than usual
  • everyone bumping into each other a lot, which leads to …
  • people rubbing each other the wrong way, thus more annoyances and arguments

Generally though, the good outweighs the bad. And it’s only three more months till the extension is ready. It’s looking good – amazingly spacious. I’m already thinking of the home theatre setup already. That will be my house-warming gift for my parents.

Oh yeah I left out one more good thing: getting looked after when I’m sick. Which I am now, hence the lack lustre performance here. But with mom’s loving care (awww) I’ll be back to normal soon! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Back to the mothership

  1. girlstar7

    okay…so your parents have moved back in to YOUR bachelor pad, is this a temporary arrangement? I mean not your parents being there but YOU being there living with THEM?
    here’s my opinion: as much as it is great to get home-cooked meals and your laundry done, living with your parents more than temporarily after the age of say 25 is getting a bit strange…
    If I met a guy 32 and still living with his parents my first thought would be, ‘what is wrong with him?!!’ only exceptions are paying off serious debts, looking after sick parent, still studying etc.
    so my tip: move out again soon!! get your own space, your own place… DON’T be the guy that is 32 and livign with his parents for too long!! (trust me, if there’s one thing that turns chicks off fast it’s an older guy still living at home. we think: serious mummy’s boy!)

  2. sourrain

    I was wondering whut happened..nearly called the australian 911.Well,I say almost.

    mommy moo da best hor! Just like bacon – he gets away with blue murder with mommy around – poking fingers into cakes and pies like little georgie boy..:/

    anyway.It’s good isnt it…clean house,warm food,pressed clothes..sigh.I think with your parents living in the extension flat it would work out rather well – more like they are your neighbours rather than housemate.Sides’,your house compound is large enough

    girlstar7: I dont think its that bad yet – one day I need to post about the ex that the mommy kept his bankbook and passport even tho he lived away.EVERYTHING,including his utility & CCard bills and rent, are paid for by his mommy using his bank card and cheques.Even though they live 5 hours apart.

    She was real mad at me because I did not treat her son like the king he is.*shudders*

  3. mf

    mmm i beg to differ abt the “32-and-still-staying-wif-parents” thingy, but we all hv diff perception on this la..for me i dun think it is tat bad…and i simply love the “i wud waking up and coming home to home-cooked meals”

    jus like today, finally i m home on time 4 dinner 4 once this week today….hv been OT-ing and gym-ing…
    suddenly i miss home cooked food….

    u know wat i mean *grin*

  4. Lisa Y

    Oh yeah, I remember the times when clean and pressed clothes just magically appears in my closet …. 🙂

    When I was living in Singapore, my Canadian flatmate laughed when I told her that I dated a 29 years old guy who moved back to live with his parents after many years of being overseas.

    The idea of leaving the nest is so one can learn to be independent and find their way in the world, which most of us here (I’m sure it includes Mooiness) are doing. There is nothing wrong in returning to live with parents if the parents have no objection. Or when circumstances require one to stay with the parents. Plus, it is acceptable in Asian culture, as does in many cultures where even married couples are encouraged to stay with their in-laws.

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: when the extension is completed, the two houses will be connected via a common laundry area. The arrangement would be a bit like “Everybody loves Raymond” – I’m Raymond, and my brother is Robert. 🙂

    sourrain: yes it’s currently a good arrangement and when the extension is built I’d like to think of it as a mini-mansion – privacy would not be an issue. Heehee, that ex of yours takes the cake.

    mf: yeah I don’t think it’s that bad either. It’s not just Asians who do this – I know of Italian and Greek families who are like that.

    Lisa Y: yeah exactly and I think it’s more common now than before due to the high property prices.

  6. LupinTan

    Few things to note from that pics: You parents look hip. (of that era), Ur Ah Di start “disturbing” you since young. How come ur sis is missing from the pics.

    Note to others: In singapore, you have no bloody choice to live with parents until u are married.

  7. charsiew

    in singapore, it’s normal that u live with your parents when u r single. if u r single and u can live on your own, dat means u r rich!

    i like the retro photo… i guess we are about the same age.

  8. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: har? I don’t have a sister lah! Where did you get that from? 🙂

    charsiew: if you are single and live on your own, you are either rich or you have no life – because all your salary goes to the mortgage. Unless you are sharing the house.

    If you are early 30s then yeah, we are about the same age.

  9. m


    Just in case you were wondering who it was who was waving at you in your car from our little barina on Tuesday outside Curtin university, it was us :p

    This is M from C&M from the Ruminations blog 🙂

    Take it easy.


  10. DeV|LisH

    hey u shud be thankful la Mooey!
    I wish even if i do settle down next time my future husband live with the mother wat.
    At least it’s not boring u know?
    I know i know most of the time most ppl prefer their own space but thing is maybe i grew up living with my parents most of the time i tend to feel that the more the merrier. Treasure it while it last. U wouldn’t regret it =)

    As for arguments that one unavoidable one. If no argument then no improvement. So just take it as part of life as long as no hard feelings with each other. Me and my sis also argue all the time when she’s around but now she’s studying overseas i hardly get to argue with her hahaha wait till this July when she’s back for summer holiday. Gosh!

  11. mooiness Post author

    m: haha yeah for a moment I didn’t know it, but then it hit me. 🙂

    frank: heh thanks! yeah having family around makes it all warm and fuzzy.

    mn: yeah I am!

    DeV|LisH: I do appreciate what I have now, definitely not complaining. I think it depends on the person – some love being surrounded by people, while others just feel stifled and suffocated.

  12. girlstar7

    It’s interesting that most people here tend to disagree with what I said. I’m thinking that maybe it’s because the others commenting our asian whilst I’m caucasian-Australian. I think Asian families tend to be closer, and more ‘family-oriented’, much like Italian and Greek families. Someone like me who comes from divorced parents doesn’t have the same super family-orineted environment that an asian family might have. Even whenI live at home, I don’t get much washing/cooking/cleaning done for me cause my Mum is often working, and my Dad lives in another state.
    so I guess my situation is totally differnet to asian families, hence the difference in opinion!
    I personally prefer living away from home just to have my own space and be able to do my own thing without WORRYING about stuff. however it is very nice to be able to live rent-free, I won’t deny that!!

  13. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: yeah even if we don’t talk about the differences in culture and family background, those in Asia have no choice but to live with their parents due to the high cost of living.

    But I’m half-half about it – I love my independence, and at the same time I’m a sucker for mom looking after things. 😛

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