Getting high on Dimetapp

April 4, 2007 7:51 PM
Bottle of Dimetapp DM

After losing a few nights’ sleep due to the coughing, I finally decided to take some cough medicine to cope. I had Pei Pa Kao a few times but I would still wake up in the middle of the night in a coughing fit.

The folks had some Dimetapp samples stashed away in the pantry – my uncle’s a doctor and he gives it away. The narcotic effect was unknown to me because I never had to resort to cough medicine in my entire adult life, but I have heard of people getting high from cough medicine.

Anyway, I was desperate for a good night’s sleep so I took double the dose. Woo-wee! I got knocked out stone cold. This stuff is dangerous – might as well call it “sleeping potion”. I woke up the next morning still feeling the effect but boy was it a good night’s sleep!

For the kids at home, the active ingredient is called dextromethorphan hydrobromide. And naturally people abuse it to get a cheap high.

Maybe I’m a different kind of high-chaser, but getting all groggy and sleepy is not my idea of recreational fun. Cheap compared to other kinds of narcotic? Yes. For sleeping? Most definitely. For partying? Nope. And definitely don’t operate heavy machinery while you are on it.

And err, self-medication is bad, mmkay? :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “Getting high on Dimetapp

  1. girlstar7

    Hope you get well soon!!
    Usually I sleep pretty well but when I am really stressed out I often lose sleep…I’ve got some sleeping pills for emergencies but it sounds like Dimetapp might do the trick even better!! I haven’t used it since I was a kid but next time I’m sick I’ll try it and let you know…

  2. sourrain

    i usually take the day & night nurse available here in the UK – they recommend 4 times (2 pills each time) a day -3 times daynurse nondrowsy and one time night nurse

    I passout after taking 1 daynurse pill – never had a better sleep.

    PS: My allergic coughing is still going on after more than a month:( .Must get rid of hamster

  3. girlstar7

    It’s been a week, hey? How annoying! Have you been pushing yourself whilst sick? If you force yourself to do too much when you’re sick, I find, you stay sick longer. Whilst if you rest, you recover more quickly. So get plenty of rest (when you can actually sleep)!

  4. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: shite 1 day pill puts you to sleep? Hahaha. Cheap date! 😀

    Ok your coughing is worse than mine then. But bugger it, I’m still slightly feverish – it wouldn’t go away!

    girlstar7: well I’ve still been going to work (only took a day off) so maybe that’s why. Yeah I know I need more sleep, and hopefully I don’t need drugs for that. Those leave me too groggy the next morning.

  5. Irene

    yummy! and such a hb-esque post from you… heh. i’m not a fan of cough-syrup, but my ex chugged half a bottle once, in a desperate attempt to kill his insomnia, and started to hallucinate dancing Coke cans. heh.

    i don’t know, but the stuff gives me vivid dreams i’d rather do without, hence the reason why i am not a fan of it.

    heh. it’s been a long time since i’ve gone on a blog-reading hiatus. and dropping by to read this interesting departure from your usual posts was sorta unexpected.

  6. juji

    i wasn’t aware that “DM” made you high.
    RX has been the favored ‘variety’ of certain individuals i know … aparently over-dosing on it makes you hallucinate.

    it was the cough-syrup of choice for lester bangs.

  7. mooiness Post author

    Irene: hahaha I’m not quite HB. 😛

    You are right about the vivid dreams, I did remember having one that night. It felt very real indeed.

    juji: well, not so much high as low. Heh. RX eh … ok, I shall try that next time. Woohoo!

  8. Wayne

    You got groggy because you didn’t take enough , the DXm in low doses will make you tired it has the opposite effect at a high dose.. half the bottle to the whole bottle would have given an extreme high .. A disassociative effect.. I spent like 3 yrs as a kid using it regularly. I don’t recommend doing it. A tablespoon of Robitissin Dm contains 20 milligrams of dxm you need 700 – 1500 milligrams for the desired effect that people rave about. Again I don’t advise it. Stay away from it


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