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April 12, 2007 6:58 PM

Mooiness Top 5

Following on my story about my lawyer friend who is now also a singer, if you had read through the newspaper interview or had watch the video of it, then you would know that it took him 3 years of after-hours work and spare time to produce 5 songs for his first EP. It got me thinking: how many songs did he actually write, and discarded along the way to finally come up with 5 that he thought would sell himself best as a professional singer?

I don’t know anything about writing songs but I know something about writing. I know that as he had said, on some days the tap won’t stop flowing and on some days not even a drip comes out. And sometimes, what is eventually written down is of sub-par quality. In this scenario, it’s easy to pick the good stuff from the dregs.

On the flip side, once you have a solid body of work it is hard to pick out what you think are the best. If a publisher comes to you now, offering you a chance to turn your blog into a book but you can only pick 5 posts, how would you do it? What would your criterion be?

To make it interesting for those of you who have blogs, I want you to write a list showcasing what you think are your top 5 posts and why, and include a link back to this post. Comment here once you have your list up.

You have up till Friday next (20th April) to submit your list. When I have at least five of you participating, I will post up a compiled list linking back to your blogs and the individual top 5 posts. 1 link for 6 links back – good deal! And if there are more than 5 of you participating, I’ll just create another post up until the deadline.

For you big-time bloggers, even if you think you have enough incoming links already, more never hurts. :mrgreen:

Why am I doing this? So that I can get some link love in exchange for me giving you some link love. Plus highlighting our best content to potential new readers is always a good thing.

Right now, I can’t think of my top 5 posts. It’s difficult!

p.s. If you rather not perform this little exercise, then you can always comment more. My “Top 10 Commentators” list gives you link love too!

10 thoughts on “What are your top 5 posts?

  1. sourrain

    all the linking is giving me headache.

    I am already all over your blog liao..and I am first in running as commentator as well.Readers that don’t know would think that we were having an affair..tsk tsk.

    anyway.YAH! I had the same idea last year..and could not really choose my top posts…hard work man.

  2. girlstar7

    Considering I don’t have a blog I can’t comment on this one (I can’t be stuffed starting and writing one, I am just a regular blog reader and commenter :)…
    however, I would like to know what you think YOUR five best posts are? Or maybe other people could give you some hints and ideas about your best posts…

  3. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: You make it sound so dirty. Hahaha!

    girlstar7: I haven’t thought of my criterion yet. I’m gonna cheat and maybe wait to see other people’s lists first. 😛

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