Sex doll for your dog

April 19, 2007 10:09 PM

And now for a bit of levity …

Is your dog oversexed? Think castrating or de-sexing them is cruel and inhumane? Don’t want them to hump your leg or that raggity blanket that you leave out for them anymore? Then you need Hotdoll.

Dog humping a Hotdoll, sex doll for dogs

Side and rear views of Hotdolls, sex dolls for dogs

(via Gizmodo)

If you think that this is a cool idea, then I’ve got a Realdoll (Wikipedia; SFW) to sell you.

A Realdoll
sarahinvegas @ flickr

The men who have sex with dolls – Marie Claire UK
Boing Boing: RealDoll’s Manga-style synthetic lover

14 thoughts on “Sex doll for your dog

  1. shelly rayedeane

    Unbelievable. Now I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen the synthetic dolls for people before, but who would of ever thought they’d actually make one for dogs? I guess I should look on the bright side though. I’d prefer a dog humping a hump doll rather than humping my leg or pillow.

    The only down side of this is that they didn’t create a doggy room for this doll so I wouldn’t be forced to watch. It pisses me off when dogs do this shit right in the living room in front of company.

    It’s like, “Look at me mom. Aren’t I a stud.”

    And then I pick up the pillow and put it back in the bedroom again, and the dog brings it right back out. Damn dogs.

  2. mooiness Post author

    shelly: one time a friend was rubbing the belly of another friend’s dog and it came on his hand. Hahah! That and what you said above is why I have mine de-sexed.

    steph: awesome ain’t it? And I reckon the inventor is most likely a man. 🙂

    Lupin: as mentioned, Snoop is de-sexed. Can’t imagine him being hyper as he is now AND horny. Woah.

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