Instant Noodles and Mom

April 26, 2007 8:04 PM

Nong Shim install noodles and V energy drink

This was what I had for lunch today – Nong Shim instant noodles and V energy drink. Instant noodles because I was too lazy to go out to the shops, and the energy drink because I was very sleepy the whole day. Healthy, it ain’t.

Speaking of which …

Mom: Did you have instant noodle again today?
Me: Yes and it’s “noodles”.
Mom: What did I say?
Me: You said “noodle”. As in, one noodle.
Mom: Hai…
Me: I told you before – we eat many noodles, not just one.
Mom: It’s because of fried rice.
Me: What?!
Mom: Fried rice.
Me: Yeah, so?!
Mom: It’s not called “fried rices” is it?
Me: That’s because there’s no plural for the word “rice”.
Mom: The English language is very confusing.
Me: Yes, it is. It’s quite contradictory sometimes.
Mom: What?
Me: Contradictory.
Mom: What does that mean?
Me: It means something is not consistent. It’s one way sometimes and another other times.
Mom: Why didn’t you just say that?
Me: Because I could say it with one word.
Mom: Don’t try to be funny. And don’t use big words next time. I didn’t send you to English tuition just so you can make fun of me.
Me: …

Sorry mom. :mrgreen:

21 thoughts on “Instant Noodles and Mom

  1. DeV|LisH

    English language is far better than kadazan language! u try learn that or russian then tell me how u feel. I almost gone crazy trying to figure out how to even form a proper sentences didnt even have the urge to bother about plural or not.

  2. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: Hehe I did agree with her what! That the English language can be confusing and inconsistent. I think it’s because most Asian languages do not use the concept of plurals.

    DeV|LisH: wow. Russian and Kadazan. I’m impressed. πŸ™‚

  3. blur ting

    Your mum is right. English is confusing sometimes. Like one who ushers is an usher and not an usherer. One who touts is not a touter but when you pout, you’re a pouter. Yet a lout is not a louter, and a cook is not a cooker. But one who loots is a looter… 8-]

  4. Lisa Y

    Your mom’s last comment is just hilarious! Poor mom, so confused. It’s indeed a confusing language. I know native speakers of English who are equally confused. Plus, some cannot spell. I think all languages have a degree of difficulty that will confuse its native speakers. English, BM, Mandarin, French, Japanese etc. Same-same lah. πŸ™‚

  5. mooiness Post author

    Rachel: I was more amused this time. Heh.

    mf: hahah yeah always with the guilt trip. πŸ˜‰

    mizns: yes – she IS funny. Hahah!

    blur ting: good examples! also, why doesn’t “mow” rhyme with “cow” etc. etc.

    Lisa Y: I agree about the confusion. I think English is the way it is because of how it incorporated words from other languages throughout history. But that is also what makes it a global language today.

    Everyone: check out this site, it shows the absurdities of the English spelling.

  6. Fr0g^__^

    kekekeke the last line is really FUNNI!

    Mine can be really CUTE at times AND can drive you really NUTS at the same times!

    Happy Mother’s Day! ^__^


  7. mooiness Post author

    White dahlia: hehe yes she can be – which is frustrating for her because I laugh when she’s trying to be serious. Hahah!

    Fr0g^__^: already meh?!

    Lisa Y: wahahah excellent link! I got a headache reading that! Hahah!

  8. LupinTan

    Hahaha, I like ur mom. Way to go until.

    She kinda like my mom.

    My mom always sound hilarious speaking english.

    Imagine “Apricot” can become “Africa”
    “Executive” can become “Exact-ke-tits”

    Happy Mother days in Advance. Second Sunday of May. Or is it first? Whatever, Moi bringing momsy out for dinner.

  9. girlstar7

    As a native english speaker, I pretty much take English for granted. It was only when I taught ESL to predominantly asian international students, I realised just how hard it was for them! It can indeed be a very confusing language.
    Oh, and my Mum would’ve told me off for having such an unhealthy lunch!

  10. mooiness Post author

    Theresa: yes they are, until they get angry. πŸ˜‰

    Lupin: I like “exact-ke-tits”.

    girlstar7: like I said, the syntax, spelling, and pronunciation are inconsistent. And my lunch WAS very unhealthy. Woohoo!


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