Great Body vs. Great Sex

April 29, 2007 2:56 PM

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I over-think it I know and it is a shallow question but it just popped into my head last night. Assuming similar personalities and interests, and assuming that you were fortunate enough to “taste the goods” beforehand, given two members of the opposite sex:

  • One who has what seem like a great body to you but is dull in bed, and
  • Another who has a physical appearance, which although it doesn’t repulse you is one which you wouldn’t give a second look if he/she was to cross your path out on the streets, but is really fantastic in bed …

Who would you end up spending more time with and why? Discuss. (20 marks)

The relationship can be a short-term one, a long-lasting one, or even not a relationship at all and just a fling. I’m interested to hear how you would deal with this “dilemma”. I’d like to see the different reasons and logic that go into making a decision like this. And no you can’t be with both!

My answer? I don’t know yet. That’s why I’m asking! :mrgreen:

22 thoughts on “Great Body vs. Great Sex

  1. mf

    i’ll go 4 the 1st.. 😛
    if it is a long term r/s..the rest can be “trained” muahaahaa….
    at the end of the day…well…maybe we will oni know the ans when it reali happens? 😛

  2. girlstar7

    Really good question, and really hard to answer! to be honest, I don’t know either. cause number 2 might be great in bed but if there’s not a strong sexual attraction then the sex isn’t as good as it might be with someone you’re REALLY attracted to.
    I think sometimes it’s not just about being good in bed, it’s about sexual compadibility. you might be good in bed with one person but not with another. sometimes you meet someone you’re really attracted to but you just don’t ‘click’ sexually. on the other hand, with some people it’s like there’s an X-factor and the sex is FANTASTIC.
    Like you, it’s been a while for me…and all this talk about sex is making me randy! But sex is like riding a bike, you never really forget so I’m hoping we both get good sex in the not too distant future! 😛

  3. shelly rayedeane

    I’d choose neither one.

    If someone is dull in bed, then they are usually the type who is selfish and only think of themselves. *cough cough* Does minute fuck ring a bell? And it doesn’t matter how great someone looks if they “expect the world handed to them on a platter” because of their looks, or if they’re never willing to work for anything. However, if this person just happens to be inexperienced in bed, then I’d probably give them a second chance at giving up the goods. After all, practice makes perfect, unless the person is lazy. Then I’d drop their ass like a cold sack of potatoes.

    And I wouldn’t pick the second one (who happens to be good in bed) because it sounds like the relationship would end up being more of a friendship then anything after the initial spark wears off.

    Which leaves me alone again.

    No wonders I’m still single.

  4. van

    wow everyone doesnt want to pick the good in bed one. i think being good in bed translates to being able to listen to what your partner wants and what makes them happy which translates to being a great person to date. so i’d pick good in bed over good looks anytime. good lookers tend to believe that their being good lookers is a turn on enough for a good romp in the sack, but while it may be true for a guy , whom ive been told are more visual, it certainly isnt enough for a girl.

    good in bed anytime 🙂

  5. mooiness Post author

    Indra: of course, the caveat being that you also have an emotional connection.

    shelly: heh, you grasped the dilemma too. And yes that is also why I’m single as well.

    van: good theory and it makes sense. And guys are more visual unfortunately. Damn this T&A obsession! 😀

  6. Rob

    I’d pick number 1 because of greater potential. yes and also because I’m shallow. seriously as a guy you end up doing most of the work anyway. So what you put in is what you get out. any extra returns is a bonus.

  7. van

    i dont agree with rob. good sex is a two way thing…isnt half the fun (and the turn-on) watching the other person get off? well i think so anyway. i mean i wont be completely fake and say i’d date a horrendous looking dude if hes good superb sack skills but i’d pick the not-as-hot one with the skillz and charm over the hot-dumb-model with the grunts-thrusts-and nothing else anyday.

    i think that good sex is difficult to be trained in a guy who’s hot and knows it because he simply will translate his looks into his skills (i’ve found anyway). this one hot guy i used to date (oh the mistakes of the past… :P) used to kiss like a drooling dog and no matter WHAT i did he continued to kiss that way because he refused to understand that he wasnt good at ALL. i find it’s a trend, it’s the nice, less headturner guys who are total hot stuff in bed. maybe they want to make up for the CK model looks that they dont have…i dont really know, but heck im not complaining.

    GOOD in BED!! Good in BED!! *jumps around with pompoms*

  8. steph

    Without a doubt, the guy who was better in bed. What’s the point of having a pretty doll if you can’t play with it? Do you get what I mean.
    I have only ever dated ONE guy who had the hot pysique/excellent in bed combo happening. He’s now married with two kids *cries*.

    A lot of uber hot guys think a chick should be GRATEFUL to see them in the buff and shouldn’t really expect much more. They think there mere presence is enough. Newsflash! No. It’s. NOT.

  9. mooiness Post author

    Rob: if you mean more effort to please a woman then I’d agree with you but I won’t necessarily say that a man does most of the hard work. A woman will tend to put on makeup and do their hair for a romantic night out etc. That’s work too!

    But you are correct about getting back what you put into it (pun!) – pleasuring a partner is a pleasure in itself. 🙂

    van: yes I like seeing the other person get off too. It means I’m doing something right. I think your theory holds as well – sometimes good techniques CAN’T be taught because they wouldn’t learn.

    steph: yes if you have a pretty doll who doesn’t move it might as well be an inert object like a dildo. Sounds like you let a good one slip away! 😉

  10. explicist

    tough question. I was thinking about number 2… but then again, we need a certain appeal from the way he/she look to even want to jump into bed with him/her right? but then again, i wouldn’t mind number 2 if I actually take some time to talk to him and access him first. geez! i can’t decide!!

  11. mooiness Post author

    explicist: heheh me neither. Join the club. The way that I’ve purposely phrased this question, it’s hard to make a choice. Sex is one part of what makes a person great to be with, and it all depends on how much weighting you put on it. 🙂

  12. sourrain

    why do I have -ve marks?

    Ok.I will pick the one who is good in bed.Nothings’ worse than screwing a porcelain doll that just sits there – seriously mate, might as well get a blow up doll.

    And you know, looks don’t last. But skills just improves with practice. 😉

  13. van

    hahhahah, naughty boy!

    so now after all the input marcus, what do you think??

    (psstt: good in bed!!! nope not trying to sway u at all 😉 )

  14. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: that’s the consensus from this informal poll – better the one with skills than looks. And good point about looks not lasting.

    van: erm, still undecided. The male mind is a constant struggle to not be shallow about it. Hah!


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