Foxtel surfing on a Friday night

May 5, 2007 12:11 PM

The following is a series of tangential thoughts formed when I channel-surfed through Foxtel last night. Follow me why don’t you …

  1. Transvision Vamp

    Channel V and Max TV were both showing 80s and 90s clips. As I secretly rocked to Wham, A-Ha and Transvision Vamp, I suddenly felt like digging out my cassette collection. I have a box in the storeroom somewhere. I also suddenly thought that I should maybe get CD versions of those since the tapes might have gone bad by now. I was mouthing the words to Transvision Vamp’s “Baby I Don’t Care”, tapping my feet to Wham’s “I Don’t Want Your Freedom”, and A-Ha’s “Take On Me” always make me feel emo. I so love the 80s.

  2. When did country singers get so hot?
  3. I love Garbage.
  4. Watching music videos make me want to buy CDs. Lots of them.
  5. Hilary Duff as Lizzy McGuire

    Surfed on over to The Disney Channel. Is it me or do they sex up teenage actresses too much? Even here on The Disney Channel! Even though she wasn’t tarted up as much, I still found myself fantasising about a prepubescent Hilary Duff on “Lizzy McGuire”. I feel so dirty.

  6. Other than that, The Disney Channel is cool at midnight. I get to look at pretty girls without feeling dirty. Oh wait I do.
  7. There’s only one way to get rid of that guilty feeling, so I surfed on over to a soft-core movie. Man, soft-porn sucks. You can’t see anything! Maybe that’s why they call it “soft”. Ha ha.
  8. Brb. Toilet break.
  9. Natasha Bedingfield

    Back to the music channels. A smokin’ hot Natasha Bedingfield is singing “I Wanna Have Your Babies” and she’s singing it to an Asian man! I love me some Natasha. Whatever happened to her brother Daniel Bedingfield? “Gotta Get Thru This” was such a great club song.

  10. Hey hey you you, I could be your girlfriend! Damn, Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” is annoyingly catchy. But she could sing that to me anytime. Woohoo!
  11. Hmm, Michael Buble. Dude’s got a smooth voice. CD for mom?
  12. Settled down to some dance music to end the night. Fedde Le Grand (feat. Camille Jones) and their “The Creeps” is hella cool. I love the design, and the look and feel of the video. And the breaky pop-pop-pop choreography. And the hot women in tight fitting office clothes. Male fantasy du jour. Great follow-up song to their “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”.

Who knew I could have had such a great time in front of the telly, alone on a Friday night? :mrgreen:

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