Merry Go-Round Arguing

May 15, 2007 8:16 PM

Merry Go Round
Round and round it goes.

My mom got pissy with my dad over something trivial on Mother’s Day. Then I got pissy with my mom over something else. Next time I know, my mom is not pissy with my dad anymore. One minute they were yelling at each other, the next they were being all civil and polite. I like to think that I have a hand in making them all nice to each other – I think I drained my mom’s anger. Heh.

Oh yeah, the Ooi family is unique like that. We blow our fuses very easily with each other, sometimes in quick succession, but it all goes away very quickly too. I think I prefer this than us holding back the anger, allowing it to simmer to dangerous levels. Better frequent explosions which are smaller and relatively harmless, than a humongous fireball right? 😀

10 thoughts on “Merry Go-Round Arguing

  1. Dabido

    One of my friends married into an Italian family that did a similar thing. Alays areguing and exploding over everything. he got upset and his wife didnt’ know why, because as she put it, the arguements mean nothing. They all still love each other … they just happen to blow their fuses fast and love each other again fast.

    So, can seem quiteunusal for the uninitiated. lol

  2. mooiness Post author

    steph: The good thing is that we know right away what pisses us off. And I think it’s only with our own family that we can vent like this.

    Dabido: Yeah, Italian families and Chinese families are similar in that way. Very vocal, heh.

  3. TenthOfMarch

    My family is more on the quiet side. Many years ago, there are always big arguments. It does create stress and tension. Now, I will easily get angry over small things especially when I am hungry. Makes me feel like an “animal” or something. LOL. Feed me well, and I’ll be tame.


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