If no one blogs about a good deed, did it really happen?

May 20, 2007 3:33 PM

I’ve stayed away from commenting about the SE-Asian blogosphere, ripe as it is for criticism. I’ve thought that the bloggers that I tend to criticise are the same two every time and it got repetitive. The last time I criticised a famous blogger was almost a year ago. And what do you know – this time it’s the same dude again.

In a nutshell:

  • Kenny Sia blogged about an accident to which he had witnessed. An accident in which 4 people, including 2 children had died.
  • Kenny posted up some pictures of the scene. A couple of those showed the limp form of a little girl. No shot of blood or of the face, mind you.
  • A good number of commentators called him callous and insensitive for posting those photos, that he should have helped out more instead of taking photos.
  • Kenny’s die-hard fans said, “What’s the big deal? Those photos are not worse than those shown in the local newspapers” and that he only took those photos after doing all that he could.

I am neutral with regards to the photos, and to his actions on the scene. I can see the argument from both sides. I can even understand his motivations to post the photos, even though I don’t necessarily agree with them. It was Kenny’s reactions to the criticisms which proved more fascinating to me.

Regarding taking photos instead of helping, Kenny’s response #1:

You can telephone the local Kuching police and check with them who at the scene provided the most help. Go ahead. I had given them my IC number and they know exactly who I am.

Kenny Sia comment #1

Then using a guilt trip to try and silence his critics, Kenny’s response #2:

You guys sure have a lot to say about me posting up this entry. But how many of you truly cared about the young girl still battling for her life in the hospital.

The LEAST you could do is call Sarawak General Hospital (+6082 257555), find out about her condition, and if need be, pledge a donation to her family.

If you have already done so, you have my praise. If you haven’t, shame on you.

Kenny Sia comment #2

The tone of his first response struck me as him wanting recognition for doing something any reasonable person would have done in the same situation, ie. calling the police and ambulance and helping direct traffic around the accident.

The second response indicates to me that because he had said so and perhaps had done so, everyone should donate to the family. If not, they don’t have the right to criticise him.

Subsequent commentators picked those two points apart.

“a reader” said:

Why are you asking your reader to answer if you should help in any way possible especially financially ? We know that you are from a well-off family and please if you feel like giving a donation to the little girl or the family do so.. quietly.

If you feel like visiting her in the hospital by all means do so. As I see that there is not so much of a point here to show it in your blog, some more asking for other’s approval. What if we say you should donate RM 1 million to the kid can u do it ? I would say for those people who wish to give a donation, do so in a manner answerable to your heart, not passing the responsibility to others and worst still making a huge publicity out of it.

John Stu said:

Kenny, there are hundreds of accidents happening everyday. Why should I provide help and support to this particular victim?

Because the famous celebrity Kenny Sia is rallying behind them for his own personal reasons? Even if I did do something for any victim of any tragedy, no one will know about it, because I wont publish it on the internet, unlike you.

Qi said:

… Secondly, helping someone does not have to involve publicising how you have helped, and saying things like “had i not done this, that wouldn’t have happened”. Saving a life is a beautiful thing, flaunting that you have saved a life or aided the saving of a life is sad. Sad in the sense that you seem to want recognition for that.

Lastly, I quote “The LEAST you could do is call Sarawak General Hospital (+6082 257555), find out about her condition, and if need be, pledge a donation to her family. If you have already done so, you have my praise. If you haven’t, shame on you.” Unquote.

Alright, so you have “donated”, big deal. And as if people care whether they have your praises or not, hey? And this ties in with Point Number 2.

I know, Kenny, you expected people to heap praises on you for “doing good” when you clicked the “Post This Awesome Entry” button – but it ended up showing how immature you are deep down.

My own thoughts are these:

  1. You don’t win an argument by saying someone else cannot criticise you because they did not go through the exact same situation as you have. Sometimes it does take an unbiased outsider to be objective about it.
  2. You can be kind-hearted and generous. You can even brag about it on your blog. But to use it to lord it over your critics is lame. You donate and help because it’s the right thing to do, and doing so is its own reward. You don’t do it to get recognition or to win a petty argument.

People tend to forget that Kenny is only 24/25 this year because he comes across as very self-assured on his blog. So perhaps he hasn’t really grasped the nuances and etiquettes of polite society yet. Perhaps he’s still learning.

Although, seeing as how he once said in September 2005, that a critic deserved to get into the car accident that she did because she dared to criticise him, this latest dust up only shows that he hasn’t really gained much humility or sense of decency since that incident almost 2 years ago. He still has a lot to learn indeed.

29 thoughts on “If no one blogs about a good deed, did it really happen?

  1. Indra

    I thought the name sounded familiar, and I was right.

    I went to the same high school as Kenny Sia did, Beaufort College, Perth. *GASP!

    What a small world. As far as I remember, he was one of those nerdy at school, walks a lil funny, behaves a lil funny.. your average nerd. He’s damn smart tho, I admit that.

    Never thought I heard about him again through your blog man 😛

    Oh, and hearing from the comments he made, yea, that sounds like him alright. Apparently he doesn’t change much 😛

  2. DeV|LisH

    Well i do admit that fame got into him and usually we chinese got a saying ‘ pang kuan cher ching’ not sure if u get what i meant. It means passerby will see it clearer than the person itself.

    If i were him , since it’s my blog and if i dare to post those pictures up then no point i argue or stand up for myself .Cos different ppl different perspective. Even King in the china dynasty also got ppl critic him good/bad. Don’t hope too much then wouldn’t feel that bad.

    He got it bad? =)

  3. mooiness Post author

    indra: his name is Rodney Loo and he went to uni with Kenny.

    DeV|LisH: yeah understood the Mandarin. In this instance, his post itself wasn’t the problem – it’s the way that he has responded that added fuel to the fire.

    snashp0p: go go go! 🙂

  4. sourrain

    sometimes, bloggers forget humility, and milks every incident in their lives for whatever fame it is worth.

    One thing worth noting, if all 100000 of his readers were to pick up the phone and call the hospital,they would be very pissed off indeed – think it’s telekom call center ka?

  5. mooiness Post author

    DeV|LisH: because he can’t let go of his pride mah.

    herman: that is what I said – just because we are not in his shoes, it doesn’t mean we can’t see the situation better. A public figure is open for criticism. Otherwise, don’t blog and don’t allow comments.

    sourrain: yeah the hospital would just have a recorded message saying, “Kenny Sia fans, we know. Please go back to your lives”. 😀

  6. Indra

    “Kenny Sia fans, we know. Please go back to your lives”

    .. hilarious 🙂

    well, critics are meant to build character. So if he’s not open enough for criticism, then I reckon he’s not big enough as a man (am I using the right expression?) and if he can’t take it, very true indeed, just turn off the comment features.

  7. steph

    Where exactly is this wanker famous? I’ve never heard of him.

    I can’t get over the fact that he took pictures for his blog. And of a little girl too? That is beyond disgusting.

    I’d very much like to string him up by his tiny balls and smack him repeatedly in the face with a heavy object, oh and then, take pics of it for my blog.

    What a fuckwit.

  8. Dabido

    Hmmm, glad you told me about this post, as I don’t want to see photos [especially not of a little girl after an accident]. I link Kenny in my ‘Sometimes Reads’ section, as I sometimes hop over there to read him. Not often any more, as it’s hardly brain stimulating stuff.

    This reminds me a little of Andy Warhol [The artist] who started to make images for sale of peoples suicides, or car accidents and other things.

    There is a saying [that I’ve modified, as the original was racist] concerning fame. If you’re going to farm chickens expect there to be foxes.

    Kenny should accept that there will be critics of him. Will he mature? Psychology/Psychiatry usually shows that a person doesn’t change after they turn nineteen unless they have a life changing experience [such as near death] or a religious conversion. So, Kenny will possibly be the same regardless of how old he gets. [So next accident he witnesses, expect photos on his blog, unless of course he decides to avoid the controversy, in which case he’ll probably take the photos and show them to friends who won’t critisize him].

    I think the direct critisism of Kenny has put him into defense mode, so he’s not going to see what the critics are saying, and as such he will probably not understand what their problem is. He’s already put the blinkers on.

    It would be wise for a friend of his to take him aside and gently point out why people are offended. I can understand why they’re offended. But, I hope Kenny also gave copies of the photos to the Police if they asked for them. They are often important in solving what exactly happened in an accident and often important if it goes to litigation. Though, the police might have taken their own photos once they arrived for such purposes.

    From an objective point of view, it is an intersting time we live in, where almost every event on earth can be recorded or captured by someone just because we have the technology to do so [such as cheap phone cameras etc].

  9. mooiness Post author

    indra: or perhaps he enjoys dousing flames all the time? It must be tiring.

    Fredison: true that.

    steph: in Malaysia/Singapore only. Not a big loss really that you haven’t heard of him. 😉

    Dabido: great thoughts – thanks! And about the immediacy of the media and technology, just because we can, it doesn’t mean we should. That’s what separates us from animals. Well, most of us anyway.

  10. Rob

    a word Kenny should get familiar with: hubris.
    when you’re 25 and people start gushing over you and throwing money at you, its easy to get caught up in your own hype and think your sh*t don’t stink.

  11. mooiness Post author

    Rob: to me, once ppl started complaining, an easy compromise would have been to link to the pictures instead of displaying them. It would not have affected the story that he wanted to tell in any way at all.

    But he’s too proud to change it – so yeah, hubris. He’s the youngest from a rich family so maybe that too has something to do with how he handles criticism.

  12. DeV|LisH

    He’s not a bad writer actually but honestly the things he blog nowadays not really what i would want to read even though sometimes just to have fun.

    Till now i always think his best entries will be the time when he wrote on his dad’s anniversary. That’s really touching and real and from his inner soul.

    Others? need comments? =)

  13. mooiness Post author

    DeV|LisH: I think he hit his peak right around the time he became popular. You’re right that a lot of his posts these days try a little bit too hard to be funny.

  14. hilary

    I used to read your blog and Kenny’s blog. However, I stopped reading both. Reason being, I no longer find it inspiring to read Kenny’s and as for yours, I find that you have the tendency to ‘bark’ at Kenny or other bloggers whenever opportunity arise. You said Kenny has a lot to learn….to be fair….both of you have lots more to face and experience in life.

    I am now a fan of blinkymummy’s blog and the reason why I am now at your blog is bcos I wanted to visit thefoodpornograher’s blog.

    Don’t be too harsh on ppl. You never know when you need their help. Oops written too much….sorry….hope you won’t criticise me 🙂 but even if you do….it’s ok….doesn’t hurt me 🙂

  15. mooiness Post author

    hilary: thanks for your thoughts though I have only ever barked very rarely – the last time being Sept 2006, and only when justified. Most of my posts are of a personal nature but guess you wouldn’t know that if you don’t read me anymore.

    I know I will never stop learning but the difference between Kenny and I is that I freely admit to it.

    Good that you like BM’s blog – she’s a good friend of mine. 🙂

  16. Rachel

    I am speaking from an absolute neutral position as I enjoy both your blogs. My question is, does it really matter? It makes me a little sad sometime how ppl cannot get along on the blogosphere..

    Maybe he really does feel sorry for the accident victims and want to gather support for them.

    Maybe I am a fool for wanting to think the better of ppl.

  17. Rachel

    OK fair enough. Maybe he feels hard done by when he had tried his best to help and ppl went and criticize him for taking pics instead. His second response was for ppl to make a positive impact on the victim’s family, rather than waste time on attacking him, no? But personally I felt that the pics were a tad tasteless.

    And no, I am NOT a rabid kennysia fan. I did NOT throw my thongs at him. 😛

  18. mooiness Post author

    Rachel: I can understand him trying to explain his motivations and actions, but I think the words he chose came across as arrogant and self-righteous. Maybe if he hadn’t tried to justify anything, the flames may have been less?

    You can’t please everyone all the time, but when a big chunk of your readers get pissed off on more than one occasion, it’s prudent to want to know why instead of brushing it off. Because I think that’d be a better long term strategy.

  19. DaveLu

    IMO, i believe if you can’t help out (like with CPR and stuff…) get the F out of there..

    whats the fucking point of hanging around taking photographs and causing traffic jams..

  20. mooiness Post author

    Dave: that’s a valid point too and somehow he made it sound like he’s done a lot to help even though all he did was to call – which any conscientious person would have done.


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