Snoop my three-legged dog

May 29, 2007 6:59 PM

Snoop the dog sleeping at home after his operationSnoop the dog's amputation site

The operation was done yesterday and it went smoothly. The spot where they amputated him looks worse than it really is. He also had his body x-rayed and it showed no other unusual growths, which means that the cancer never spread. In hindsight, perhaps it was a good thing the lump wasn’t cut out when I first discovered it back in December. Otherwise, Snoop wouldn’t have had these past 6 months with his 4 limbs to run around with. It was a blessing in disguise, but probably also lucky that the tumour was not aggressive.

When I picked him up at the clinic this morning, he had a lot of energy though it was weird seeing him hop around on his three legs. I think he was still trying to run, but at least he didn’t fall down.

The painkillers and sedatives kicked in soon after we reached home and he’s been sleeping ever since. I will get a video of him in motion when he’s not so groggy.

At the moment, it feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off me and my mood has changed for the better. Was talking to Blinkymummy last night about our pets and I said, “I read that in a situation like mine, humans feel more about it than the animal would.” To which she said, “That’s expected because we impose our values on our pets.”

She’s right. They enrich our lives so much being a part of our families, that we tend to think of them as more than just animals. In the end, all they really need is food, shelter and lots of love and company. And there’s lots of those in our household. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Snoop my three-legged dog

  1. Jewelle

    Oh poor Snoop. Give him hugs from me too 🙂 We have 2 dogs in KK and although I don’t live there and are not around the dogs much, to me they are a part of my KK family and when something happens, I get emotional too.

  2. mooiness Post author

    Jewelle: Will do!

    bm: yeah it’s kinda like that – not the best situation, but not exactly the worst either.

    sourrain: don’t be. when I get a video up, you’d see that he hasn’t lost his spirit. 🙂

    DeV|LisH: doesn’t seem to be too traumatised by it. Like I said, I think me being the owner feels it more than he would.

    snowflake: yeah I’m optimistic. Thanks on behalf of Snoop!

  3. Dabido

    I feel sorry for Snoop, but like you’ve said, that’s just us humans putting our values on the dog. We tend to anthropomorphise everything. So, we expect the dog to react like a human reacts. He’s probably just so happy to see you and be home where he is loved. Hug him for all of us!

  4. rn

    my heart breaks when I think about what would happen to my cats… but less a leg is better than a dead dog. You made the right call. And I’m sure he’ll do well with your family – where there’s lots of love, food and company. =)

    hang in there, both you and your dog!

  5. CW

    He’ll probably get over it faster than you will!

    When Baubles the Cat needed to have her tail amputated the vet was very reluctant, saying that she wouldn’t be able to express herself. He was wrong, and Baubles was far happier after the tail was gone (the skin on her tail was dead and there was infection which would have needed skin grafts and months of treatment..). And she never had any trouble expressing herself! 😉

    My parents’ dog also lost a leg – he was never sorry for himself, and he got around just fine.

  6. cat_aunty

    Hugz to everyone at home. Is sad lah, but still…

    Snoop should be his normal self very soon, with the same amount of love food and shelter

  7. mooiness Post author

    v.u.: nah, it’s a bit different from the way it is for humans. Yeah, so far he’s ok.

    Dabido: hugs? already done!

    rn: thanks for the kind thoughts!

    mf: it probably is, and that is why he’s on a course of painkillers. But the wound is very clean.

    herman: heh speechless?

    10/3: that’s the plan – though besides being kinda groggy from painkillers, he’s wagging his tail whenever he sees any of us.

    CW: about getting it over faster than us, yeah that’s what I’ve heard and read. And it’s comforting to hear stories of other ppl’s pet who’ve gone through the same thing. Thanks! 🙂

    cat_aunty: yeah sad about it, but it isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened. I think he’ll be getting more pampering, especially from my mother.

  8. shelly rayedeane

    Wow. I didn’t realize the front leg was the one they were going to amputate, nor did I realize they were going to cut it off so far up. What an unbelievably strong dog. Now me, I cry when a break a nail. lol. It’s just amazing how much stronger animals are at times then humans, huh? The way they only look at what they CAN DO, instead of what they CAN’T.

  9. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: yup definitely more unique now. 😀

    shelly: you are definitely right – they do think in terms of what they can do, and then just do it. We can learn from that.

    charsiew: my mom almost did.

    dreymer: I think that’s a common reaction here. Don’t fret. Like I said, it looks worse than it really is and he’s doing alright.


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