More donuts than you can swing a stick at

June 14, 2007 10:05 PM

Krispy Kreme Donuts

I remember when Krispy Kreme first opened in Australia, my boss’ brother would always buy a dozen from the Sydney Airport every time he flew in from there. Then while the family was in Sydney for Shane’s wedding in January, a cousin from Malaysia would go to the airport every morning the entire trip just to pick up some donuts for the rest of us. Because the Krispy Kreme outlet was located within the secured area in the departure area, he’d had to go through the metal-detector pass the security to get to those donuts, and then come back out again. I’m thinking that the guards would have given him a weird look or two.

It seems like there’s a similar craze for donuts happening at the moment in the countries to the north of us. I base that conclusion on these recent posts from some Malaysian and Singaporean blogs:

  • Suanie saw Kimberly raved on about Big Apple Donuts at The Curve, and then decided to try some herself, even as she insisted that she wasn’t a donut person. Needless to say, she loved it.

    In her post, she also does a good write up about how the founder of “Big Apple Donuts” wanted to share with other Malaysians, the kind of donuts that he had tasted whilst living in America. It’s a good read so check it out.

  • Meanwhile in Singapore, Dunkin Donuts seemed to have been the preferred brand but they no longer have an outlet there. It looks like the fad which had died out is in resurgence. How else would you explain the need for a service which sources donuts from a Dunkin Donuts outlet in JB (Johor Baharu, a neighbouring Malaysian city just across the border from Singapore) and then make once-per-week deliveries to three locations in Singapore?

    We speculate that they bring in the donuts from Malaysia because if they had an operating bakery in Singapore, wouldn’t it be logical for them to have at least an outlet to go along with it? (via IzReloaded)

  • However, nadnut tried out the service after knowing about them but came away bitterly dissapointed by the quality of the service and the lack of professionalism from the couriers. But the donuts were good though.

    The company better fine tune their service because they have a few competitors in Singapore chomping (ho ho ho) at their heels, judging by the two posts below.

  • A few days before IzReloaded wrote about the Dunkin Donuts delivery service, he had queued up for three hours (!!!) for half a dozen of donuts from Donut Factory at Raffles City. This was his story, along with pictures of delicious looking donuts.

    According to him, “the donuts at Donut Factory are definitely not Krispy Kreme but they are probably the best you can find in Singapore.”

  • And finally, in her post “Why donut queues are so long” Qiaoyun decided to find out the answer to the question that I’m sure many of us who have seen the ridiculous queues at shiny new donut shops would have asked. After joining the queue for some donuts at Vinco Doughnuts at VivoCity, and observing the crew behind the counter, she comes to the conclusion that the long waiting time is due to their inefficent SOP which she detailed in point form. She also adds,

    I suspect that maybe the management trains its staff to work very slowly in order to lengthen the queues so that the donut shop can look very, very popular.

    And long queues get longer because Singaporeans just can’t resist queues. The longer one is, the more people want in, never mind what the purpose of the queue is.

    See, Singaporeans love queuing because if people are queuing for it, it must mean that it’s good right? This must be true because a Singaporean said so. Heheh.

Dunkin DonutsI love donuts but queuing up for more than a few minutes to get some seems like too much effort and dedication to me. I’d gladly go into any bakery just before closing to get their half-priced leftover donuts. Heck, I’d even buy marked-down 1-day-before-expiry clear-wrapped on a styrofoam tray supermarket donuts.

I’m a cheap donut whore, yes I am. :mrgreen:

26 thoughts on “More donuts than you can swing a stick at

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  2. sourrain

    I dont care what anyone says,nothing beats a dozen Original Glazed!!!

    ignore ignore ignore big apple and dunkin doughnut and cheap doughnut

    Nor the 345cal that comes from a small teeny doughnut

    btw; people used to camp (YES CAMP!) outside of newly minted KK stores the day before they open…just to be first in line for a couple dozen of em little baby diabetes shot.

  3. mooiness Post author

    herman: fat is flavour! and thanks for the fuel tip.

    nadnut: well at least the donuts turned out ok – only the service was a bit lacking. Heheh.

    sourrain: they are good but like I said, I am not queuing up hours for freaking donuts. πŸ˜›

    Qiaoyun: not a problem!

  4. Kate

    Oh yeah, Donut factory can’t be compared to Krispy Kremes.. I hand carried two boxes of them back from my last HK trip… simply wonderful feeling… =)

  5. mirebella

    Krispy Kreme IS in Mel ;). When it first opened, there was only 1 store out in Fountain Gate which is like 40 mins out of the CBD – but ppl would still make an effort to drive up jz for munchies! Thank God that the 2nd store is within Melbourne Central.

    Donuts aside tho – isnt it like a typical Asian thing to do a road trip for the perfect dish? Dont know about you but I can remember driving to Klang jz for fresh chili crabs!

    The donuts PR ppl are doing a good job ..heheh

  6. shelly rayedeane

    Oh, this post hurts me. I love donuts! However, my doctor tells me I can have none of these things, nor can I ever eat any type of bread again.

    So what’s a poor donut whore to do when the doctor says it’s a no-no?

  7. CW

    I don’t get it. They’re just doughnuts, people.

    And Krispy Kremes? I’m glad I can’t eat them – tried an original glazed last time I was in Sydney and could only get about halfway through before I had to give up.

    As for the current doughnut craze, I remember the apple strudel craze – this too will pass…

  8. LupinTan

    Kate: Where do they had it in HK, I going there end july.

    I heard about the q-ing one in singapore. It’s just doughnut without the flour, if u catch the drift.

    But I think the Yankee’s Police Force consume more doughnuts in a year than all Singaporeans add up bah. Hahaha.

  9. kimberlycun

    unlike overrated crap like beard papa and rotiboy, big apple is actually good. i think it’s here to stay πŸ˜‰

    ps: dunkin donut may not be fantastic, but it’s not unpopular…malaysians love their donuts!

  10. mooiness Post author

    Kate: wow, two boxes on a plane. True fan. And did your mouth water all the way because you can smell them? Heheh.

    mirebella: good point about how Asians would drive anywhere for good food. But I think that phenomenon is less so in Australia – I for one rather spend my time and effort on something else. πŸ˜›

    shelly: so no sugar, and no bread? Not even wholemeal? Wow. That does cut out a lot of things.

    JL: the airport one was the closest to my uncle’s place. But I still find the whole scenario funny – going through security checks to get donuts.

    CW: the KK ones are a bit sweet aren’t they?

    Lupin: that is just a vicious stereotype – I’m sure there are other pastries involved. Heh.

    kimberly: I must try some my next trip back. As for Dunkin Donuts – I have to stand up for their freshly made cinnamon ones. Wooo.

  11. dreymer

    Don’t get me wrong, I luuurve KK’s original glase but sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. Y’know the cheap 50cents deep fried donut coated with rock hard crunchy crystal sugar? Mmmm..

  12. dreymer

    girlstar7: the moment you sink your teeth into the original glazed krispy kreme donut, it just melts in your mouth. unlike dunkin donut which has texture of bread, krispy kreme is lighter, more porous, soft and even a toothless fella would enjoy it (haha, a little exagerrated but i hope you get my drift)

  13. mooiness Post author

    dreymer: yeah yeah exactly! that’s why I can appreciate supermarket donuts. And thanks for that super vivid description of Krispy Kreme donuts. My mouth watered again!

    girlstar7: what dreymer said. If that doesn’t entice you to try one, I don’t know what will.

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  15. misscipher

    You guys make Homer proud! Anyway, just a quick note, Krispy Kreme was in Perth, outside Myer at Forest Chase, for a day for some sort of charity event. There was a huge queue.. Seriously though, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Ain’t they just fried dough with sugar/icing on top?

  16. mooiness Post author

    misscipher: “Ain’t they just fried dough with sugar/icing on top?”

    And your point being??? Hahahah! πŸ˜›

    But I get what you mean. Much as I love them, I won’t queue up for hours for them either.

  17. Indra

    me want krispy kreme glaze πŸ˜› *drool. Indo has got Dunkin, Krispy Kreme, and JCo I think.. there may be more, but after tasting here and there.. I reckon Krispy Kreme Glaze donut is the most delicious by far. πŸ™‚ Not too much tho.. it can get sickening after awhile

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