Penang June 2007 – Getting the Bride

June 27, 2007 11:02 PM


In the morning, we set out from Shane’s house to Su-Fern’s house to “get the bride”. The rules and rituals for this part of a Chinese wedding were explained previously when I wrote about my other cousin Shane’s wedding to Kirsten in Sydney. A video of that day of “getting the bride” can also be found on another post.


When we arrived, we were immediately met by the bridesmaids who will be the “masters of pain”. :mrgreen:

correct-answer mistresses-of-pain

And one of the very first tasks/challenges was for a bunch of Shane’s friends to eat sandwiches filled with chillies.


We had two “gates” – one was the steps upstairs to Su-Fern’s room, and another at the door to her room. After Shane got his bride, Su-Fern and him performed the tea ceremony for her side of the family which was huge. The rest of us adjourned to the front yard for lunch.


Full-sized photos can be found in my Flickr set. Below is the highlight clip of this morning (3:30). Parts of it are in Hokkien but with the subtitles, you should get the gist of it. All you need to know is that the entire process was hilarious thanks to Shane’s crazy friends, and a really fun time was had. 🙂

Following this in the evening, we performed the tea ceremony at City Bayview Hotel for Shane’s side of the family. And after which we had the reception in the same place. Stay tuned for those photos.

Getting the Bride
from Marcus Ooi

11 thoughts on “Penang June 2007 – Getting the Bride

  1. mooiness Post author

    sylvia: gees, insatiable.

    Su-Fern: not a problem! I had fun doing it.

    steph: you can, you know? If not a ritual before the wedding, I think it’s a great party game for after. 🙂

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  3. Shane ze Groom

    Hey Cuz. Thanks heaps for putting this together. It was a torturing event for me indeed…By the way ladies….Our first movie was PHANTOM OF THE OPERA…My wife got it wrong with Hitch.

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