Penang June 2007 – At the Reception

July 1, 2007 7:56 PM

The second part of the wedding day (see first part) was held at City Bayview Hotel and it started off with the tea-ceremony for Shane’s side of the family, where Su-Fern is officially welcomed into the family.

tea-ceremony being-welcomed-to-the-family

The entire process went by smoothly and with much hilarity.

tea-ceremony-shane-sufern tea-ceremony-choy
marvin-choy teasing-the-brother-in-law

When the tea-ceremony had completed, everyone headed to the reception hall to find their tables. This part of the evening was slightly hectic as we helped greeted and ushered the guests, and made sure that the angpows or red money packets and gifts did not go astray.

What followed in the night were the usual speeches and dancing. There were also some good singing sessions, toasts and lots of good food and liquor. A few of the guests, including Su-Fern the bride worshipped the porcelain goddess that night. 😉

choy-yam-seng choy-singing


I had a really fantastic time. Congratulations again to Shane and Su-Fern on your big day. 🙂


More photos in my Flickr set. Below is a highlight clip (2:52) showing crazy Choy, who is an uncle to both Shane and I even though he’s the same age as us, singing and dedicating “Stand by Me” to the happy couple, Choy leading a celebratory toast to the two families, and Shane and Su-Fern singing a traditional Hokkien song.

At the Reception
from Marcus Ooi

10 thoughts on “Penang June 2007 – At the Reception

  1. Su Fern

    It was a tiring day but when i looked back at the pictures and video which you posted, I believe it’s worth every single second, minute and hour of it 🙂 Thanks Marcus for the write up 🙂

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  3. TenthOfMarch

    I was planning to bring both my Lumix and Nikon slr. I took some photos on the Nikon but it didn’t turn out that good. I’m not sure what’s the problem. Sometimes, I notice through the viewfinder that the auto focus doesn’t focus on my subject. That’s when I turned on the manual focus.

    In the end, some of the photos were not focusing on the subjects. That’s the headache of non digital cameras. I can’t view the pictures immediately after the shoot.

  4. mooiness Post author

    10/3: ah yes I forgot that it wasn’t a digital SLR. It sounds like your auto-focus may be out of whack. In that case, you will have to practice being super-fast with the manual focus. 🙂

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