Being a Minority

July 2, 2007 9:23 PM

M&Ms chocolate candy

Being a minority is:

  • feeling like you stand out when nobody notices.
  • feeling judged when they don’t care.
  • feeling ambivalent when your culture is fetishized by people who don’t understand the meanings and the symbolisms.
  • feeling proud when one of you does something great in public.
  • feeling embarrassed when one of you does something stupid in public.
  • feeling smug and cocky when there’s more than five of you around.
  • feeling that the only way to get ahead is to be more like them.
  • feeling the best when you don’t give a shit about any of the above.

17 thoughts on “Being a Minority

  1. shelly rayedeane

    I can’t believe the BROWN M & M is considered the minority! I am totally offended.

    Why not the red one? After all, that’s the one that had all of those cancer causing dyes injected into it back in the 70s.

    Or so they say.

    By the way, why not a WHITE M & M? There has never been a WHITE M & M ever. I’m totally feeling like a minority here.

    Although, I guess it’s a matter of perspective as there are white M’s on every fucking candy piece in the package.

    This post reminds me of when I was a little kid and my mother told me I couldn’t eat none of the M & M’s with the letter “M” on them.

    Being the stupid child I was I turned to my mother and asked, “Why not?”

    Her reply, “The M stands for MOTHER.”

    And then she ate all of my damn M & M’s.

    I must have spent hours searching through that pile for an unmarked M & M. I found only one. I was so pissed.

  2. mooiness Post author

    herman: true that.

    shelly: there’s no white M&Ms because the “M” needs to be white? Racism! 😛

    Btw, great story about your mother.

    Lupin: then other people might want to be blue as well, and you wouldn’t be unique anymore. 😀

    dreymer: no no – this just popped into my head late Saturday night, whilst clubbing no less! Yes my brain works in mysterious ways.

  3. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: but of course, you are unique … just like everyone else.

    Lad Litter: it’s a little idealistic for sure but yeah definitely the way we should all strive for.

  4. yurl

    there was a white M&M. I think it was last year where they had a black and white M&M promo.
    still very rare and definitely a minority. personally I like the speckled M&Ms they bring out for easter.

  5. girlstar7

    Being a white person living in Australia, I’m used to being a majority and obviously can’t always relate to your writings about being an Asian person living in Australia.
    But I remember going to THailand and spending a few days in a district where there were very few white people. I remember getting stared at walking down the street. Taxi drivers and strangers would stop me to comment on my ‘colourful eyes’ which to them seemed strange and exotic. I kinda liked being exotic but at the same time felt a bit self-conscious and ‘different’ walking down the street with my curly hair, fair skin and blue eyes. It’s very interesting to see things from another perspective…

  6. mooiness Post author

    yurl: ah i see.

    girlstar7: I think what you would experience as a white person in Asia is reverse-racism, ie. they worship you. Which is the opposite in Australia for Asians a few decades back, and I would say for Middle-Eastern people now. But yeah, the gist of this is about feeling self-conscious and different just because you’ve changed environment, when you shouldn’t.

  7. sourrain

    shelly: Hahahahaha! Great story…should be publicized to parents world over:)

    I love pink valentine version of M&M. They come in pink & white only. And Easter version of pastel colors. Xmas version with only green and red.

    Me munching my 1lb bag of M&M walking to uni is still fresh in my mind.

    I think I look like a pastel yellow M&M.


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