Penang June 2007 – Lunch the next day

July 4, 2007 7:38 PM

The next day after the wedding, what did we do? We went eating again. Woohoo! This time it was at a new hawker food hall near the famous Swatow Lane. It’s a completely different feel to the traditional road-side stalls on the same road which I went to last time. The place was built as much for locals as it was for tourists.


There are nice big English words on the signs, so tourists would know what they shouldn’t be ordering. Heheh. Yes, you read right – there’s cubes of congealed pork blood in them laksa, or “curry mee”. Authentic. Slurp.


In attendance were Shane’s family, their family friend and his wife, my family, sixth-grandaunty, and my dad’s cousin and his family.

lunch-crowd eat-eat-eat
sixth-grandaunty-mom food-and-drinks

And another two pics to add to the food porn. This is the aforementioned curry mee.


And this is sar-hor-fun, a stir-fried noodle dish. Yummo.


17 thoughts on “Penang June 2007 – Lunch the next day

  1. mooiness Post author

    explicist: good yeah? I salivate too just looking at it. Heh.

    sourrain: yeah yeah new camera is awesome. and err sorry hor, this trip I didn’t eat any nasi lemak at all! Oh noes! Hahahah!

  2. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: there were a few chances but timing weren’t right, plus I had the weak stomach to deal with this trip. 😉

    dreymer: it’s Penang style. Looks good yeah?

  3. syLviA

    *sluurrrrpppppppp* food looks good. year end change my plan to penang liaw…:). Kuching famous food is kolo-mee. 1 day if u travel here must try.

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  5. chocolatesuze

    lol at the “nice big English words on the signs, so tourists would know what they shouldn’t be ordering” haha pork blood? i wont be ordering the COCKER


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