Snoop the dog on three legs

July 13, 2007 8:41 PM


A few of you have asked how is Snoop doing since the day he got back from his surgery a little more than a month ago, so here are some pics and a short clip. Don’t ever say that I don’t anything for ya. 😛

Snoop my three-legged Staffordshire Terrier cross

And here’s the clip (1:35).

Snoop the dog – an update from Marcus Ooi and Vimeo.

26 thoughts on “Snoop the dog on three legs

  1. mooiness Post author

    bunnygoeszen: wah lau eh, it’s never enough is it?! 😛

    Lisa Y: haha yeah imagine when he had 4 legs – even faster!

    jl: yeah that’s his normal expression. It’s the eyebrows that adds to the sad look. Heheh.

    Forumer: har? I didn’t know what he wanted.

    herman: yup hardly any change whatsoever.

    Lupin: yeah yeah like those kung fu masters that flip forward right?

    mf: yup normal expression – don’t be fooled. Contrast with how he is in the clip. 🙂

    blur ting: hahah yeah, like I said above that’s his normal expression.

  2. TenthOfMarch

    The first pic does look sad. The video shows him alive and well. Very very energetic compared to the first video after the surgery. One question though, your socks clean or not? A bit geli lah if smelly and you play with it. hehe

  3. mooiness Post author

    Dabido: yeah!

    blur ting: definitely not sad that’s for sure!

    10/3: err, no comment about the socks. hahaha!

    shelly: yup, no change at all. Slightly slower maybe? Heh.

  4. mooiness Post author

    bm: heheh. what you say is true – it’s one thing that obedience trainers would frown upon. But it’s something unique with Snoop because he’d just play snap and not really bite.

  5. mooiness Post author

    minty: yeah his facial expression is misleading. Heheh.

    Cherisher: as mentioned a few times here, that’s his usual expression and the video shows you the way he really is.


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