Penang June 2007 – The Buildings

July 15, 2007 10:59 PM


These are some photos of Penang streets and buildings. The above is the very British looking Georgetown Chambers in the middle of Georgetown. It doesn’t look to be in use anymore and it definitely has seen better days.


This is how a lot of streets in Penang look like. Note the plethora of signs in Chinese – Penang is the only Malaysian state with a Chinese majority. Along with Singapore and a few other territories, Penang used to be part of the British Straits Settlements. They share similarities in buildings and the look and feel in the older areas. That is why even though Singapore is a lot more modern than Penang, parts of it like Geylang felt familiar to me.


This is a very traditional general store. Stores like this one used to be in every neighbourhood. Their numbers have dwindled due to the spread of supermarkets.


This is a funny picture which I find ironic. I shall leave it to you to determine what the irony is. 😉

11 thoughts on “Penang June 2007 – The Buildings

  1. damion

    the chinese words are correctly allocated actually,
    you’re supposed to read from right to left, and from top to bottom as a sentence,
    opposed to the current way of writing which is from left to right in a sentence,
    which is westernized. 😀

    marcus, i don’t get the irony..
    guess will have to wait for your reply to find out more.. ^^;

  2. mooiness Post author

    cynthia: damion is right. The words are saying, “wet wash, dry wash”. Though you can’t translate them directly, you know what they mean.

    blur ting: yup for a travel aficionado like you, that’s not surprising. 🙂

    damion: it’s a lame irony – a laundry shop with dirty walls. 😛 Would you take your clothes to such a place???

  3. damion

    lol.. i see your point…
    but i won’t go in the first place either…
    that’s because with the condition of the signboard, there’s no telling if it’s still in business or not… hahahaha

  4. sourrain

    oooo my uncle runs a ‘chai tiam mah’ in the area around Beach St..It’s like so cool cause I used to go and play shop…you should go inside and take pix of their old cabinets ect.

  5. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: I wanted to go inside that shop to take photos but they were closing up and the family looks to be winding down in front of a TV. I remember these shops well – the smells and the stuff they sell. I remember buying fireworks for CNY in one of these shops.

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