What two white guys thought of Asian girls

July 16, 2007 7:50 PM

A white guy with two Asian women

Picture from “White Men Asian Women, “A website celebrating the unique attraction, relationships love and sex between white gentlemen and Asian ladies.”(sic) Go on, click on the link. I dare ya.

Out at The Deen on Saturday night, I made small talk with two Aussie dudes who had wildly opposite opinions about Asian women. And mind you, these conversations were in a club and were fueled by alcohol. What they said were sexist and misogynistic. I didn’t correct their misconceptions or whatever, I just listened. Their statements are not logical or factual, and these two guys do not represent all white dudes. So take a deep breath, and hold back the pitch forks and flames.

With that out of the way …

Conversation #1

Guy #1 was at the bar and proceeded to show me and Simon a picture of him and his Asian girlfriend.

Me: Hmm, pretty. She Chinese, Japanese or … ?
Guy #1: Chinese. I only f*ck Asian girls. I’ve only ever f*ck one white girl.
Me: Why’s that?
Guy #1: White girls are all about themselves in bed. Asian girls like to make you happy.
Me: But you’ve only been with one white girl …
Guy #1: *didn’t hear me* And, Asian girls may seem quiet outside but they are freaks in bed.
Me: Very nice. High-5! (hey the conversation was already ridiculous, a Borat impression now wasn’t out a place :mrgreen: )

Conversation #2

Guy #2 works for a mining company in Kalgoorlie and is in Perth on his rotating leave (2 weeks on, 1 week off). It’s a gold-mining town with a population size of 30000. I’ve never been there myself but I’m imagining that the only Asian women there are the ones working in the Chinese restaurants or in the famous brothels on Hay Street. Incidentally, Simon was born in Kalgoorlie.

Guy #2: So I’m seeing this Chinese girl in Kalgoorlie.
Me: Yeah? How did you meet her?
Guy #2: In a Chinese restaurant.
Me: Of course, of course.
Guy #2: She’s boring though.
Me: Oh yeah? Why’s that?
Guy #2: She doesn’t like going out.
Me: So she doesn’t like drinking then?
Guy #2: Nope – she likes hot chocolate.
Me: Hahah. Sorry, that was funny. And what, every time that you see her you are at home?
Guy #2: Yup.
Me: Well, look at it this way. At least she’s low maintenance.
Guy #2: I’ll drink to that.

22 thoughts on “What two white guys thought of Asian girls

  1. sourrain

    HOT CHOCOLATE!? Maybe there is Kahlua or Baileys inside


    she might be a hot chocolate in drinking but a freak in bed like Guy no. 1.

    ”Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me…..?”

  2. bunnygoeszen

    I think everyone has their stereotypes- it’s just a matter of whether we let it get in the way of knowing someone better or not. I’ve got tonnes of things to say about almost every race and culture, lol, but that doesn’t stop me from making friends from all over and celebrating the diversity.

  3. blur ting

    Of course lah! There are all kinds of Asian women. Guy #1 meets these hot Asian chicks in the bar. Guy #2 meets the quiet, meek ones in a small town restaurant.

  4. minty

    This reminds me of how asian girls are often saying saying white guys are better bfs compared to asia guys, great in bed, romantic, etc. VERY TYPICAL.

  5. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: if she was a freak in bed, I doubt that he’d complain that she’s boring right? Heheh.

    herman: “I wish to make love explosion inside of you.”

    BigZapher: it’s an ideal that all men are striving for. Heh.

    hikazew: well, it could also be that certain Asian women behave differently in front of a white guy.

    bunnygoeszen: it’s good to have an open mind – the world is full of different ppl.

    Lupin: hahah yeah it’d be a rude awakening for them. And yes the two women have thick lips. Woohoo.

    Andy: exactly – I wonder how they come to that conclusion. Perhaps they can’t get white women to like them.

    blur ting: you have a valid point. Heheh.

    minty: yeah all a bunch of misconceptions.

  6. sourrain

    ah my little warrior..to some men, they might not like freaky sex.


    But i find it so bizzare that they just date in his apartment.

    Anyway..chocolate, hot or bar, is supposedly an aphrodisiac.Mayb guy 2 should bring her to Max Brenner and drown her in choc martini.That’ll get her freak on

  7. Dabido

    Asian women are sexy! I don’t just say that as my Cousin Tanya is asian, or that I have Chinese cousins on my mothers side … they are just plan sexy. πŸ™‚
    I think anyone would be attracted to them.

    Of course, there are ugly people of all races and sexes, as well as beautiful people. But, also, what’s inside counts as well.

    I know a lot of Japanese ladies like Aussies as Aussie men will often try to pleasure the lady, whilst I’ve heard the Japanese men just want to pleasure themselves [I was told that by Japanese girls in Sydney] … so is similar to the white guy talking about his girlfriend wanting to pleasure him. lol

    But, to every rule there are exceptions. lol

    But, I found my ex wife [blonde Aussie girl] only ever cared about getting herself off. Is a popular perception of Aussie women, so even though that guy only slept with one white girl, he may have mentioned it due to the common held perception of them, not his own experience.

    But then again, who cares. Most of us only need one partner, even if she is a hot chocolate girl, or a big drinker or whatever, if we find someone we are happy with and they are happy with us then it doesn’t matter about anything else! πŸ™‚

  8. yurl

    “she doesn’t like going out”
    erm its Kalgoolie, whats there to do? apart from digging shiny stuff outta the ground and drinking a lot of beer the options are limited.
    oops I’m getting on my stereotype bandwagon again.

  9. mooiness Post author

    Dabido: in a nutshell, what you are trying to say is that there’s good and bad in all kinds of women. Gotcha.

    yurl: yes, stereotypes never did anyone any good. Perhaps his real complaint is that she doesn’t drink and not that she doesn’t go out. πŸ˜‰

  10. juji


    For anyone with such lofty ideals about “asian chicks”, i’d advise, ‘The Asian Mystique’ by Sheridan Prasso, for some interesting reading…

  11. Bart

    In response to LupinTan, yeah, those Asian chicks do have Angelina Jolie lips. Asian girls tend to have fuller lips than white girls. I also like the fact that Asian girls almost don’t have any hair on their body compare to hairy Mexican girls. gotta love them asian gals!

  12. a$iAn sEnSaTiOn

    It’s all about the sex people, white guy/asian girl relationships never last, only a small
    number might but for the most part it’s just all about sex. White guys are always looking to
    get laid and Asian girls just want a big one, which if you think about it it’s just sad. When
    Asian girls wake up and come back to their own, they will know what true love is.


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