Fever cures, anyone?

July 17, 2007 7:13 PM

Cry baby by Jan Tik @ flickr
Jan Tik @ flickr
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I took a day off today because I’m sick and have been running a fever since this morning that wouldn’t go away. I’m getting chills and body aches. Paracetamol hasn’t worked in reducing the fever.

I’ve been drinking lotsa water and fluids including fruit juices and Gatorade. I’ve dunked my feet into a bucket of cold water, and throughout the day I’ve slept with a wet towel around my neck and on my forehead.

Is there anything else, any other home remedies that you can think of? Let me know. Otherwise, I’m hoping that the fever will run its course by tomorrow. If not, it’s another sick day. Can’t help it – I’m not going into the office where the air-conditioning will make me feel worse.

Oh, you know how they say grown men become the biggest sook when they get sick? Well, it’s true. I really admire how my mother can still cook and clean when she’s sick. Me, I can’t even type this without feeling sorry for myself (like it’s such hard work!!!).

Alrighty, see youse tomorrow. I need to crawl into bed now.

28 thoughts on “Fever cures, anyone?

  1. bunnygoeszen

    Hope you feel better. Don’t forget to take a wet towel and towel off large parts of your body like back, chest, legs. Take those cooling water too. If you can get to a chinese doctor, get lin yang. Its the horn of a mountain goat or something. You boil and drink the water.

  2. Cherisher

    put a not so wet towel in the fridge and after u take out from the fridge, put on ur forehead and sleep. Likewise, you could also wrap the towel in ice cubes and put on ur forehead.

    Putting wet towel ard the neck and forehead might reult in you catching a cold easily.:) hope this helps.

    u might want to take a shower, found that it helps me a lot

  3. blur ting

    Oh dear. Just sleep and continue drinking water to flush out those virus. If the fever persist, best is to see a doc. It could be an infection and antibiotics will treat it real quick.

    i tend to drag on for days til I cannot ‘tahan’ anymore. The moment I see a doc, I feel better almost immediately.

  4. LupinTan

    Take Care Mooi.

    Actually, if I remember correctly, Fever is the sign of you body fighting against any intruder.

    You have to monitor that it don’t get too high.

    Use cold towel on both head and neck to cool it off(sound like for a baby, but it works)

    The usual rest more and drink more water still apply.

    Lest I think ur mom will take care of you.
    And I agree on mom’s still does work despite sick theory.

    Kudos to all the moms out there.

  5. mooiness Post author

    bunnygoeszen: lin yang eh? thanks for that – I shall remember for next time but hope there’s no next time. This fever was really awful.

    Cherisher: I did take a shower earlier today and it helped. Good tip.

    damion / indra: thanks dudes!

    blur ting: yeah if it was a bacterial infection, antibiotics would clear it right up. But good to say, the worse is now over. Phew.

    Lupin: yup the towel thing I learnt from when I was a kid.

    sylvia: yeah sleeping does help though the aches kept me up parts of the night. Should have taken some stronger drugs to knock me out.

    cat_aunty: haven’t seen a doc. I usually don’t unless the symptoms persist for 3 days or so. They have subsided now. And dengue? Woah, don’t want that. 😉

    dreymer: har? I don’t get it.

    herman: I’ve been eating porridge and cereal. Comfort food just the same.

    Andy: good tip – was too weakened to go out and get some. I shall remember to get some for next time. I must say this fever was the worst yet.

  6. yurl

    hope its not the same one that I had. it took me over 3 weeks to shake it, even with a course of anti-biotics, and i’ve still got the annoying tickly cough. its a real bas***d, get lots of rest.

  7. mooiness Post author

    yurl: the worst is over. Just a mild lethargy remains. Phew.

    sourrain: heheh. orh, so that’s what dreymer was talking about. I thought the release of fluids would be good for the fever?! Wahaha. 😈

  8. mooiness Post author

    explicist: heheh yes it is good to have mommy around when you are sick, even when you are already past 30 yrs old. 😛

    mf: yes, the entire household was sick – am the last one to get it. I feel much better now though.

    shelly: yeah much better compared to the first day. I never had such a high fever before, it was debilitating.

  9. LupinTan

    Impertuosman, Mooi: It’s been months since there are this kinda of “Entertainment” in the local websphere.

    I super like the joker Steven Lim’s Retailation or whatever you want to call it.

    “You are a big Chicken Pie ah”

  10. mooiness Post author

    Lupin / impetuousman: “Chicken Pie” – that’s an instant classic. And perhaps it is meant to mean “cibai/cheebye” afterall. 😉

    minty: thanks! The worst is over though.


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