Aching for some warmth

July 24, 2007 9:56 PM


It’s now been four days of rain in a row – last night was especially bad with the wind and mini-tornado wreaking havoc down in Rockingham. I’ve been sick for seven days but it feels like it’s ending (shut up, don’t jinx it!). I haven’t felt warmth from the sun for don’t know how much longer than that. The days have been dull and grey, and it’s been cold, wet and miserable.

However, I can take solace in the fact that at least Perth is not like parts of the UK at the moment with even heavier rain and flooding (BBC News). Perspective, yeah?

22 thoughts on “Aching for some warmth

  1. clara

    Yay! You’re getting better!
    It’s warm and humid in Singapore – I miss Perth (it’s only been 2 days). It’s been raining heaps here too.

    Anyway you could hook me up with a sweet hotel room at Swissotel for a week?!? And where’s good for a great night out oh Clubbing God that you are? (heh)

    Really though, get better quick!

  2. BigZapfer

    The only good thing about it man, is my black car is finally clean :).

    I kind of like this weather, the worlds painted in shades of gray. Theres a long road that I drive down from work, at 5:30pm, its like an oil painting.

  3. mooiness Post author

    clara: great night out in Sg? If you like being in one place only and getting pissed with lotsa beer, I’d recommend Brewerkz – order their towers. Clubbing – you can always brave the crowds at MoS or at St. James Powerstation. Ask a local!

    sourrain: sorry loh! I know you guys been having it worse!

    BigZapher: man that’s deep. Remember, oil on the roads ain’t a good thing. 😉

    blur ting: I’ve been watching the news and it seems like it’s raining everywhere.

  4. girlstar7

    Nothing to make you feel a bit depressed than being sick and watching it pissing down with rain, hey? In that situation, all you want to do is be curled up in bed with a good book.
    Yeah, it’s all about perspective too. I spoke to a Melbournian who lived in Perth for two years who said it doesn’t get cold there at all and the winter is really mild! He said Melbourne is significantly colder with our 2 degree mornings and 8 degree days. But then again, some of my European friends comment on how Melbourne is so mild in winter, and that what we consider cold is nothing! so yeah, it’s all relative…

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlsdtar7: definitely puts a downer on things. And yeah, no matter how miserable we think we are, somewhere out there is someone else more miserable. So we shouldn’t complain so much. 😉

    Jewelle: it’s all gone crazy.

    minty: when there’s rain like no tomorrow in Britain, that must seem so ironic.

  6. mf

    the weather in sgp is getting so weird too…
    one moment u see the sun, the other u are bracing the super heavy rain.
    and it’s freaking cold in my office whenever it rains, im wearing a tube/blouse/jacket! faint.
    call us a tropical place? think we gotta chng name soon.

  7. WJ

    I have been sick for sometime and the family doc has prescribed 2 courses of antibiotic continuously, yet I am still not feeling well. Sickness can be due to change of weather, but prolong sickness more likely to happen when you are under pressure.

    Law of attraction! The more you can think of escaping from piling workload, your body seems to be picking up the signal to rest at home by giving medical reason.


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