Clever “don’t drink and drive” ad

July 28, 2007 5:43 PM

Don't Drink and Drive ad

I saw this in the toilets at The Rise last night. Clever, isn’t it? The words read:

Alcohol impairs your judgement. Plan ahead. Don’t drink and drive.

10 thoughts on “Clever “don’t drink and drive” ad

  1. shelly rayedeane

    Yeah, but the guy could just be stupid too. I mean, he does have that “deer in headlights” sort of look about him, doesn’t he?

    Not to mention the fact that his ass looks tiny enough to actually squeeze into the urinal.

    Funny thought. That picture actually makes me feel like getting drunk.

  2. sourrain

    i know this is probably wrong to say here,but I am a way safer driver with a few drinks in me…drey can vouch for that.

    The problem is, when I am driving TO the bar, I am usually in a hurry for a drink, but with a couple of drinks in me, I know directions to places that I would usually not know.My concentration is so intense and I drive oh so slowly,its great.

    But then there was the time I headed towards Rawang,Batu Caves & Jinjang before finding my way home. 😀

    *I am not advocating drunk driving,just my own opinion

  3. mooiness Post author

    minty: I don’t wanna be there if it does happen. Male toilets in clubs are disgusting enough. 😉

    explicist: hehe yeah it caught my attention very quickly!

    shelly: what?! so the ad worked reverse on you. Heheh.

    sourrain: yes you are wrong to say that. Hahah! Though having a few drinks is different to being totally maggotted.

    blur ting: yeah I am really appreciative of such lateral thinking in ads.

    WJ: “believe you are not drunk” – that’s a big problem. Ppl who drink are not in the capacity to make that decision. 😉

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