Navel gazing is for pretty bloggers

August 19, 2007 11:56 PM

I had thought about doing a navel gazing post, a straight and dry diary-type entry about what I did on the weekend.

I could tell you about how I lost the ticket to DJ Hyper’s show on Friday night at Ambar, how I drove into the city during Friday lunch to get another ticket, and how the show ended up disappointing, and how Simon, Lydia and I left early.

I could tell you that how a system administrator’s job is like a fireman’s – when there’s no fire, it’s actually very mind-numbing. But there was such a fire on Friday when we lost connection to ALL our production servers, those that serve customers and their applications. I could tell you that I drove to our data-centre through peak-hour traffic in the city around 4pm. I could tell you how I spent 2.5 hours in the data-centre trying to work out the kinks, listening to the drone of hundreds of computers whilst catching glimpses of smiling office types walking to the nearest pub.

I also could tell you that I had to go into the office on Saturday to finish off what I was doing Friday afternoon before I had to rush away to our ailing servers. Yeah Friday was a total drag on the start of the weekend which was only salvaged by copious drinking and Anne Savage at The Rise.

So yeah, I could have done a navel gazing post but I remembered – only pretty female bloggers can do that.

Dawn Yang and Daphne Teo

I came to that conclusion based on the search-engine traffic to my posts about Dawn Yang and Daphne Teo – two female Singaporean bloggers whose entries are light and fluffy like cotton-candy. Though they must be doing some things right to get insane traffic and to continually get people to search for them on the Internet right?

I mean I haven’t written about them for a while and I’m still getting daily traffic to these posts below, listed in chronological order. And yes, this is a cynical ploy to hook in more traffic. :mrgreen:

Daphne Teo

Dawn Yang

8 thoughts on “Navel gazing is for pretty bloggers

  1. mooiness Post author

    herman: correct! Hahahah! You got me.

    blur ting: yup, rows and rows of racks with computers – you can imagine the drone of those, plus the air-conditioning. Not a fun place on a Friday afternoon especially when it has tinted bullet-proof glass looking out at happy ppl walking by!

    I know about Dawn’s postings on Stomp. Her work there is actually less fluffy than the stuff she writes on her own blog. 🙂

  2. Yuuka

    They`re both really pretty and while you`re neither pretty (:X Sorry!!) nor female, I think you could get away with navel gazing posts yourself. Once people know and like you, everything you have to say will seem interesting/newsworthy!

    PS. I know how you feel but the perks are free-flow milo and discreetly looking through the boss’ surf history/etc when you get uber bored?

  3. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: hehe true that. XX does provide a bit more laughs.

    Yuuka: you got a point about making ppl wanting to read about a person’s daily minutiae. Though it helps if you can spin the mundane into something interesting.

    As for the perks of a syst admin, after you’ve established your boss’ surfing habits the thrill tends to die down. 😛

  4. BigZapfer

    Hey man, good to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same 🙂

    Like you said man, doing something, is better then doing nothing.


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