Pauline Hanson, homemaker

August 21, 2007 7:48 PM

In a nice part of the neighbourhood, in a house called “Oztraya” …

Pauline: I don’t like Muslims. From now onwards, I don’t want any more Muslims in my house.
Mohammed: Erm hello, I’m still here?
Pauline: Who are you?
Mohammed: Mohammed.
Pauline: You don’t look Middle-Eastern.
Mohammed: That’s because I’m not – I’m Albanian.
Pauline: Oh right, well then you look white. I suppose you are one of those Christian Muslims.
Mohammed: A what?
Pauline: You know, Muslims who pray with the Bible?
Mohammed: Muslims pray with the Qur’an, not the Bible.
Pauline: Whatever. I like what that James Baker guy said about revoking citizenship and deporting the families of convicted terrorists. I should have thought of that too. Bastard beat me to it.
Mohammed: But what if the families have been in this country for ages?
Pauline: No they haven’t. I’ve never seen any Muslims in Ipswich. You weren’t born here right?
Mohammed: Yes I was.
Pauline: Well then your parents weren’t, were they?
Mohammed: Yes they were. Look I have no problems with these kind of rules if they were applied to everyone equally.
Pauline: Too bad. Who asked you all to be terrorists?
Mohammed: We are not all terrorists but what you are saying is that if one of us is a terrorist, all of us have to leave and never come back?
Pauline: Too right.
Mohammed: So if you had your way, David Hicks and his parents gotta leave as well – where they gonna go? England? They were from here!
Pauline: Blah blah blah blah, that’s not my problem. Who asked them to have a terrorist son?
Mohammed: *sigh* You do realise that two of our next door neighbours are Muslims right? Aren’t you gonna piss them off with this?
Pauline: Who?
Mohammed: Indonesia and Malaysia.
Pauline: See what happened when they let Muslims take over their country?!
Mohammed: Huh?!
Pauline: Look, you are giving me a headache now. I want you to leave.
Mohammed: If I leave, I want Wong to leave as well.
Wong: Hey! What’s this gotta do with me?
Pauline: He’s ok, he can stay. He’s still funny looking but at least he’s assimilated. And he can cook.
Mohammed: Ok forget the fact that most of us obey the law and pay our taxes, that you didn’t even know that I was Muslim until I said so, and that one of us even plays in the NRL, tell me how I can assimilate further so that I may stay.
Pauline: Here’s a bottle of booze. Drink it.
Mohammed: I don’t drink, I’m Muslim remember?
Pauline: AHA! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Inspired by true events. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson, homemaker

  1. yurl

    apparently this time she’s doing it for the money. In most western democracies the xenophobia ticket gets you roughly 10% of the population. enough for a senate seat. If she can spend another term as a senator then she’s entitled to a sizable pension and superannuation.
    so she doesn’t hate us anymore? Pauline spreading the love, I feel queasy.

  2. Yuuka

    Deporting the innocent families and relatives of convicted terrorists is fair enough as long she also deports or imprisons people who have affairs (cheaters are terrorists to the family front you see). Australia would be a much lovelier place if she deported seagulls and those loud, horrible birds that make the sheep noise in the mornings too.

  3. LupinTan

    The impression she gave me , an outsider is that she’s quite a racist.

    Educational doesn’t really plays a part in ur views.

    I feel it’s more of the culture of ur upbringing, that influence you beliefs with in terms expressed as views.

    I think She can’t survive as a politician in my tiny island bah.

  4. mooiness Post author

    Yuuka: and those annoying summer flies!

    Lupin: you’re quite right, an education does not necessarily mean a person won’t be racist. On the other hand, most racists are not as educated as the majority.

    As for surviving in politics, she hasn’t – she keeps coming back to try. She’s got tenacity, I will give her that.

  5. Dabido

    Yes, lets deport everyone! Send those white people back where they came from, especially the red head ones, because they’re like the Irish and the Irish used to bomb people with thier IRA!!!

    So, deport all red heads NOW!! Back to Ireland with Hanson! 🙂


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