The Music of My Teens

August 24, 2007 7:15 PM

The Ooi family, Perth International Airport 1988

At Perth International Airport, Dec 1988
The day we arrived from Malaysia to become Australian residents.
It was 6am. I look HOTT.

Mooiness in his teens

From left to right: Perth 1990, Sydney 1993, Canberra 1994, Perth 1991.
Those glasses were PHAT.

Lately I’ve been reminiscing a lot with 80s and early 90s music, and have been on a hunt for retro CDs. So far, I’ve got CDs of the best of Wham, Duran Duran, Transvision Vamp and Bananarama. I’m gonna add Wang Chung to that collection soon.

Why am I suddenly on this binge? I can only find them on online stores these days so they are getting quite rare. I feel that if I don’t get them now I will forever lose the opportunity to do so. Plus 80s/90s music always make me smile because I have a lot of fond memories of my teen years. As awkward as they were, I can’t remember even once being really sad and they were so carefree!

Anyways, it’s Friday so it’s time to cheer up and get in the mood for the weekend. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight! :mrgreen:

19 thoughts on “The Music of My Teens

  1. jl

    I love how music is able to take a person back to the old -or should that be, young- days. Every generation has its ‘own’ music and it’s invariably the best, smile-inducing memory-evoking goodness.

  2. Flatfeet (retro queen)

    Thanks for putting those great tracks on ya blog! I was booging with the music in my clinic this morning. My favourite all-times are songs from Bananarama, Pet Shop Boys, Debbie Gibson and Starship! ; )

  3. mooiness Post author

    IZreloaded: they ROCK!

    jl: yeah and sometimes certain songs take me back to an exact point in time, to a specific incident.

    Flatfeet: glad to have livened up your morning! 🙂

    blur ting: when I first heard of them all those yrs ago, I was thinking why would two white guys call themselves “Wang Chung”? Heheh.

    Lupin: what? Everybody Wang Chung Tonight?! No way. :mrgreen:

  4. Yuuka

    I love the music from that era (and the dancing)!

    Sometimes I stay up late to watch those informercials selling the Midnight Express DVDs and the Time Life CDs and wonder if buying them would be worth it.

    That first picture of you is soooo cute. You look like mini-your Dad, eyebrows, glasses and all!

  5. mooiness Post author

    Yuuka: haha now that you’ve mentioned it … we do look alike in that picture!

    I’ve seen those compilation CDs being advertised. I prefer the “Best Of” from the original artists.

  6. yurl

    someone told me a wang chung was a euphemism for spanking the monkey, polishing the sceptre, hitting the aeroplane. have no idea whether it was true but at our high school it was.

  7. BigZapfer

    Yeah man, I know the feeling, I’am doing the same thing with all my 80’s, 90’s games. Ebays been a great help in finding all the old games I used to play, along with some I could afford or find back then.

    LOL, yeah man those glass…DAMN!

  8. mooiness Post author

    yurl: that’s a very weird euphemism.

    Allan: good times!

    BigZapfer: Heheh I’m nostalgic for the music of my youth but not the games. 😉

    nadnut: aiyer …. so embarassing! Hahahah.

    Lupin: well I still love it, haha! But I agree with most of their nominations on that list.

  9. girlstar7

    I remember my Dad singing that song to me waaay back when I was in pre-school (which was in the 80s). Funny how you remember this stuff!
    And yes, those teenage memories. Like you, I can’t remember ever being overly sad during my teenage years, they just seemed so carefree! *sigh* to feel that carefree again, I wish!!

  10. Dabido

    Yes, music from our teens … okay, I’m lying, my teens were Bach and Vivaldi, cause I was a teenager in the Baroque period! lol

    Just kidding. 🙂

    Music in my teens was 70’s stuff and early 80’s. 🙂


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