“Californication” is filthy and it rocks!

August 28, 2007 10:36 PM

Californication on Showtime, starring David Duchovny

Definition of awkward: watching a show on TV with your parentals and seeing three sex scenes with topless women and naked man bum before the first half hour was over.

Californication” rocks!

This new show from Showtime stars David Duchovny as a writer from NYC, whose sole novel had been turned into a movie and he now lives in LA. In the first episode, we know that he is having a major writer’s block and he has a 12 year-old daughter whom he enjoys spending time with. And we know that even though he has lots of empty sex with women he barely knows, he yearns to get back with his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his daughter and be a family again.

There’s nudity, cuss words and tightly written dialogue. And remember the little girl from “The Nanny”, Madeline Zima? She’s one of the topless women mentioned and man she’s grown up very nicely. Phwoar!

Incidentally, David Duchovny was in a movie called “Kalifornia” (1993) with Brad Pitt, in which he was also shown having sex.

I shall end with a comment my mother made:

From X-Files to this …

Heheh. :mrgreen:

15 thoughts on ““Californication” is filthy and it rocks!

  1. Katie

    I know! My boyfriend and I watched the first episode together and yes there was a lot of nudity! And when Madeline came out with boobies everywhere, I felt like it was sooo wrong to watch her – all I could picture was her, dressed all cute in The Nanny! Not sure if we’ll keep watching it (although my boyfriend, understandably wants to! lol)

  2. mooiness Post author

    herman: enjoy!

    Katie: yeah I felt so dirty watching her! Hahah! I’m hooked in, not by the sex scenes though – I really like David Duchovny’s don’t give a shit attitude, and the dialogue in the show.

    Finger banging your cat! 😀

  3. sourrain

    i know but lets face it – we will always think of her as the little one in The Nanny…..

    It’s a problem that many hollywood child actress have actually, once cast in an adorable child role,it is hard to switch over, so they, urm, strip to attest their sexy womanhood

  4. BigZapfer

    Yeah I saw this, missed the end though. Rather good, sex stuff aside its pretty engaging, going to see where it goes. Like you said like Duchovny’s character

    Mind you my family wasn’t to impressed either.

    Me: Cool, David Duchovny, wonder what hes up to. Yo guys….(yell for everyone to come and see…cut to sex scene)

    Everyone else: (stare at me, don’t now what to say, so go back to what they where doing before)

    Me: What! ( trying not to come off as pervert)


  5. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: true that, like say … Drew Barrymore when she got back into movies again with “Poison Ivy”.

    BigZapfer: heheh, well you can’t be blamed … how did you know the show’s title was not a pun? 😉

  6. mooiness Post author

    karen: yeah but only for 1-2 second – he was hopping off the bed to get his pants. Heheh. Guys got the better deal as far as nudity was concerned but the show is excellent.


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