How do you work on Mondays?

September 17, 2007 10:45 PM

Guy sleeping at work

cell105 @ flickr

On most Mondays, I feel like the guy in the picture above. Which is why I always schedule for Mondays, tasks that are the most routine and simple. Mind-numbing though these tasks may be, they require the least amount of brain power.

Obviously customers and colleagues may still come to me for help but that’s not within my control. I do what I can in my little sphere of influence. What’s that famous Christian saying …?

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

– Reinhold Niebuhr

So how do you deal with your Mondays? :mrgreen:

14 thoughts on “How do you work on Mondays?

  1. Katie

    Hmm, let’s see. How do I deal with Mondays? Well, I get out of bed at about 9am, watch some TV, do some blogging, check bloglines, do some housework, take Puddy for a walk … Mondays are my Sundays, hehe. I work all day Saturday, so my weekend is Sunday-Monday so while everyone is struggling to go back to work and deal with Monday-itis, I’m relaxing! *grin*

  2. mooiness Post author

    herman: that’s a given but it’s hard to shake off the mini-holiday mode.

    blur ting: heheh, the first day back from a break always suck.

    Lupin: yeah I feel sleepier than usual on Mondays. Then Fridays I perk up. Heheh.

    Katie: there’s good and bad in that. And you are also only postponing the inevitable – Tuesday IS your Monday. Hahah!

  3. Indra

    I’m Garfield like.
    My sense of humor is reduced by 25% on Mondays.
    My stress level increase by roughly 15%.
    My yawning session increase by 30%
    My fave time is 5pm

    .. there 🙂

  4. sourrain

    mondays I OD on caffiene. if I usually need 3 cups to tide me through, mondays I usually down 5 cups.

    I don’t think it’s boredom that brings blue mondays – I’ve just started and I still need my caffiene shot! Heck, on my first day (monday) the first thing I did when I got to town was to hide out in starbucks.

    It’s just getting back into routine thats hard…and I heart thursdays too:)

  5. Indra

    5pm Friday -> Australia and any other 5 working days country

    5pm Saturday -> Indonesia, well.. my town at least, bigger business in bigger towns like Jakarta does 5 working days as well. do’h!


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