Seth Green parodies the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy

September 18, 2007 7:19 PM

By now you should have seen or heard about Chris Crocker, the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy. The guy has a tearful breakdown in front of a camera, telling us to err … leave Britney Spears alone. Then he posts it onto Youtube. Natch. If you needed a reminder, here it is below (language warning):

Funny as that was, here’s Seth Green telling us to “Leave Chris Alone!” (language warning):

I laughed very very hard.

(via Defamer, where there’s a round-up of more “Leave XXX Alone!” parodies)

6 thoughts on “Seth Green parodies the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy

  1. mooiness Post author

    snowflake / herman : good stuff huh? heheh.

    Dabido: yeah I saw it with dozens of other parodies on Youtube.

    Katie: am late to the party because I refused to know about about Chris Crocker. Silly me. Hahah!

    Lupin: yeah Seth is brilliant. :mrgreen:


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