How to sell me a holiday

September 20, 2007 9:05 PM

Traffic on Orchard Road in the rain

This morning I decided to start planning for my end of year holidays. I made up my mind not to go to Shanghai or Taiwan this trip because Mili reminded me that it would be cold. I forgot about that because I was thinking in Australian seasons. Besides, she said she might wanna go with me so maybe I will just wait for that.

I narrowed my choices down to Singapore and Sydney and both places have friends and family whose company that I enjoy and whom I want to see. I decided that the tie-breaker would be left up to two groups of friends whom I’ve known since high school, who are in Singapore and Sydney respectively. I’d go with whoever’s plans and enthusiasm level sounded the best.

So I proceeded to SMS and email these friends. The group in Singapore responded fairly quickly (I only heard from the Sydney group just now – boo!) and proceeded to psych me up to go. And they didn’t have to do much. One friend replied back with two sentences, one of which was:

Yay! Party! Woohoo!

And the other sealed the deal with an equally short email:

I’ve got women for you.

Heheh. I hope it’s not those kinds of women. I’m just cheap that way.

And that’s how you sell a holiday to me – so Singapore it is. Sydney will have to wait till next year, Easter maybe. It may sound boring that I seem to holiday in the same places all the time but to me, it’s the people who matter and not the place. 🙂

16 thoughts on “How to sell me a holiday

  1. sourrain

    shit…SO FAST you decide!!!

    i would suggest that you visit me,but with the year end weather, even I wouldn’t visit myself.

    however…I am considering a trip to Egypt if you are interested? ;)Not sure how much are flights from AU,but I am doing the beaches of the dead sea. Dead or Red??

    PS: If you can do mid-year next year..lets go China!!! Spring/summer should be good.

  2. mooiness Post author

    nadnut: yeah will definitely schedule for it!

    blur ting: heheh. Snoop’s an American Staffordshire Terrier, possibly cross with another Terrier. Don’t know exactly because he was adopted from the pound.

  3. girlstar7

    You should’ve come to Melbourne instead, boo!! Actually, Sydney would’ve been cool for me cause my Dad lives there and I go up all the time, so I could’ve par-tayed with you up in Sydney! If you got to Sydney next Easter, I’ll prob be up there too, so we can party then! 😛


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