G’day from Penang!

October 7, 2007 11:58 PM


My brother and I landed in Penang around midnight, this morning. And as is customary with our Penang relatives, the first thing that my uncle asked us wasn’t about the flight or how we were. It’s this:

What do you want to eat?

And eat we did at a late-night supper place popular with the youngies. The eating out continued today with breakfast, lunch and dinner, interspersed by a late-afternoon beer with desserts and snacks at a cosy little cafe on Gurney Drive.

What else besides eating? It seems like my love of Straits Chinese architecture is now well-known enough that my uncle said that he might take me out to the famous Malaysian Chinese clan house which he’s a member of, “Khoo Kongsi“. If we have time we might also check out the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, a grand building in Peranakan style. I’m quite excited about that.

My aunty asked me why I’m so interested in the buildings and architecture. I told her that it’s all because of a recent realisation and pride in my heritage. Plus my parents and their siblings grew up looking at all these buildings all the time, so it may not be as special to them as it is to me. Though we all agree that they are something that should be preserved and remembered.

On that note, it was reassuring to see a lot of the old buildings being refurbished into eateries and shops. Here’s a teaser pic for now. Hopefully this following week, I will be able to take more photos and make it as wonderous to you as it is to me. Plus food, OMG food. :mrgreen:

Ornate building in Penang

9 thoughts on “G’day from Penang!

  1. cat_aunty

    Yeah, just like my dad. Whenever we come home, he will ask what we wanna eat for breakfast and luch. Dinner is mum’s domain.

    Be a good boy hor. She is old already, don’t fight with her….

  2. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: yeah it is! nice and chewy! And the photos will be coming, guaranteed.

    Lupin: yeah dude. #1 activity on the island. Hahah! Interesting idea for a book. 🙂

    cat_aunty: don’t worry about me and grandma. I may criticise but I know it’s pointless to argue anyway. I just let her say what she wants to say and nod. Hahah!

    steph: yeah it is. The well-preserved and converted ones are quite awesome to look at.

    Katie: heheh you can tell that I’m enjoying it right? And it’s a sweet, sticky yam dessert that I’m eating.

  3. yurl

    very envious. I miss 24hr decent food. I had my first night out without the kids for months and ended up driving around for an hour before finding a decent restaurant that was open on a Sunday night. Viva Dullesville!

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