Penang October 2007 – Day 2

October 9, 2007 8:43 PM

I thought that I’d start today’s post with some urban shots. These are some old shop-houses looking all refurbished with a new coat of paint.


This is the outside of Pulau Tikus wet market. I love taking shots like this because it’s a burst of colours.


Some dense and urbanised parts of Penang are modern and clean-looking …


While other parts look like a village.

pulau-tikus-alley-2 pulau-tikus-alley-1

On with the foodie shots. Eating out is almost always at a kopitiam – a food-court like setting with individual stalls inside selling different kinds of foods. I shot a short video of what it looks and sounds like inside a kopitiam during my last trip here in June.

Here’s my brother Marvin doing a “doucheface” outside the one where we went to for lunch.


Hawkers busy cooking.

food-hawker food-hawker-3

For those who love Assam Laksa. Drool worthy? Yes. 🙂


Lunch time – family busy eating.

family-lunch-1 family-lunch-2

After lunch, we got home and rested. I did a spot of blogging whilst waiting to go to Miami Beach Pub with my cousins and friends for what else – beer lah! :mrgreen:


Beer and fries by the beach. Can you say relaxing?

beer-by-the-beach choy-eetiong-beer-fries
this-is-the-life marvin-me-shane

After which we headed on home for a home-cooked meal. There ends Day 2. Day 3 might entail a trip to “Khoo Kongsi” which I had mentioned earlier. Can’t wait.

17 thoughts on “Penang October 2007 – Day 2

  1. usuallyquiet

    I love the shot of the market! Can you get any close ups of native fruits, plants or vegetables? I am thinking of flora that you wouldn’t normally find in a farm in Australia or the USA. Thanks!

  2. mooiness Post author

    Katie: heheh sorry for rubbing it in. Woohoo!

    Rodney: I can take-away for you lah, but I will just eat it on the plane. Hahah! In any case, ain’t no way it’s gonna get past Customs. 🙂

  3. nihonwhinequeen

    Arghhh, i miss Penang. Was there 2 weeks ago, my favorite assam laksa is thee one near to the police headquarters, with the chendol stall outside. *drool bigtime*

  4. mooiness Post author

    nihonwhinequeen: I’ve never been to the one that you described but I know where it is. The uber famous one is near the Kek Lok Si temple, the one with the giant standing Kuan-Yin. But there are several spots around the island that do it well as you’ve discovered.

    bm: nice hor?! see also drool oredi.

  5. nihonwhinequeen

    U MUST try the one at the headquarters . I tried the one near the Kek Lok Si temple and the one at Gunang hawker centre (dunno if i got the name right) and my vote still goes to the police headquarters!!! Anyway, here’s a food trail suggestion:

    1st. Assam laksa at the police headquuarters
    2nd. Chendol next to the assam laksa stall
    3rd. Lok lok at Lebuh Carnarvon (think its 1 or 2 streets away)


    Oh if you dig karaoke, go to Red Box at Gunang Plaza (again, dunno if i got the name right) during happy hours and we are talking less than 20 ringgit for lunch + a drink and 3-4 hours of singing!!

  6. nihonwhinequeen

    Hahaha, thanks for bringing the name back…i knew it had to sound like “Girly” or something cos we were hanging out so much at Gurney (w the food, movies and the karaoke), we even nicknamed our guy friends on the trip with us tthe “Girly Boys”…hahaha….ok..private joke….

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