Sleeping on the job

October 18, 2007 11:15 PM


Last week in Penang, whilst checking out preparations for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, I spotted these men sleeping under a Chinese opera stage. Kinda like George sleeping under his desk in Seinfeld. :mrgreen:

Meanwhile because of my alcohol withdrawal, I haven’t had any tea …


Or coffee …


If you can imagine a state where you are fidgety but you are also nodding off in the mid-afternoon, that would be me. 😛

7 thoughts on “Sleeping on the job

  1. sourrain

    I cannot last past 11am without coffee. The thing is, when I try cutting back on caffine, I would be yawning like crazy that people around me think I’ve not slept all night or is just plain bored. So I kept my caffine addiction to look professional.hahaha!

    Ahh…chinese opera. Them good ol’ days. I was under the impression that nowadays its all skimpily dressed women singing badly. Who here has ever sat down to a real life chinese opera before hands up?

  2. Jeremy

    Dude… why don’t you just continue to drink, but less each day? That way, it won’t hurt as much. Just start with a Keg and a couple bottles of Whiskey..

  3. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: about the caffeine, that’s me too with the yawning. And my legs would be shaking, you know “shake leg”? Hahahha! And nope – never ever seen a Chinese opera. Can’t understand it!

    Jeremy: that’s some sound advice you got there. 😛

  4. LupinTan

    For me, I try to take in tea (Green Tea, Earl Grey) for keeping the Zzzz Monster away.

    If that’s doesn’t help then I have a dosage of coffee, preferable TV Brand coffee from my mom’s hometown Kluang,Johor


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