Ladies: you are not fat!

October 19, 2007 7:31 PM

Jenna Jameson used to be a wholesome looking pornstar, even with the fake tits. Her body was voluptuous and she looked healthy, which is exactly the kind of woman that men fantasise about having sex with. You don’t get to be “Queen of Porn” by looking anemic.

Then blaming her divorce in late 2006 for her sudden weight loss, she went from looking like this …

Jenna Jameson, before weight loss

To this in September. Notice how thin her arms are.

Jenna Jameson looking skinny

(via Skinny Celeb News)

And now in October, looking even more skinny with the too obvious collarbone and rib cage. The apparently shoddy removal of her implants makes her look worse still.

Jenna Jameson looking skinnier Jenna Jameson looking skinnier

(via Skinny Celeb News)

Being idolised and fantasised by millions of men (before her weight loss anyway) it can’t be a self-esteem issue right? Is it pressure from society? The fashion industry pushing an impossible image? Are women magazines at fault too? Aren’t these magazines mostly written and edited by women? So, are women their own worst enemies? It had to be asked: why are you all doing this to yourselves?

If you ask me, and I think most men would agree, we like our women to be fleshy and we like feeling and touching their lady lumps. Otherwise, we might as well be having sex with other men. And that would be a problem when we are not gay. 😉

So ladies, unless your body-mass index indicates that you are overweight or obese please have a balance diet and eat everything. Because we don’t want stick-thin versions of you – we just want you.

(this was inspired by Blur Ting’s post about the prevalence of slimming ads for women in Singapore)

22 thoughts on “Ladies: you are not fat!

  1. girlstar7

    Good post. The topic also taps into deeper issues such as anorexia and bulimia. I recently read an article about a Brazillian model who got down to something ridiculous like 34kg and then died of heart failure. I personally can think of about six girls who I know personally that have suffered from anorexia and/or bulimia. It’s a sad state of affairs when girls feel they need to starve themselves and be able to see their own bones sticking out in order to look good. I’m not sure who is to blame, but society’s pressure on women to stay thin is definitely part of it. Jenna Jameson looks absolutely disgusting, she looked much better with a bit of meat on her. Also look at celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie who have dropped heaps of weight as well. I think most guys would agree with you, that girls look better at a HEALTHY weight…not obese or overweight but not stick-thin. A lot of guys also say they like a girl who they can take out to dinner and won’t always order a salad.

  2. mooiness Post author

    MG: that’s one of the problems – know that it’s not coming from us men. 😉

    girlstar7: yeah I heard about the Brazilian model – didn’t her sister die from the same thing too? Very sad. Also true about dating a girl who likes to eat. I think it’s sexy.

    Lupin: you and me both, and probably most men.

  3. blur ting

    Thanks Mooiness. That’s so reassuring for women (like me) with flesh 🙂

    ..we might as well be having sex with other men. And that would be a problem when we are not gay. … that’s so funny!

  4. girlstar7

    I also read the article you linked to by the Singaporean woman. 5’5″ and an American size 3 over there is considered “big-boned”…WTF??!?!?!?! and your comment about women wanting to stay UNDER 50kg. That is just ridiculous…I think they have taken the slimming thing WAY too far. I would consider ‘big boned’ 5’10” and 80kg or something like that…

  5. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: no worries! and there are more men like me than you’d think. 🙂

    girlstar7: regarding what I’d considered “big”, I’m in agreement with you. I think the thing with Asian women may have something to do with the sexual misogyny inherent in Asian cultures where the women who are pysically smaller than the men are considered attractive.

  6. Indra

    Agreed! I don’t mind some flesh on my girl’s.. after all, that’s what make them firm 🙂

    no offense, it was supposed to be a compliment.

    Anyway, I had a small, skinny gf in the past, and I always told her that it’s gonna be hard for me to stay in a relationship with her, because whenever the wind blew, I have to hold on tight to her just in case she’s gonna be blown away. lol.

    girls, don’t worry about having to be too skinny. 🙂

  7. yurl

    eewww thats what she looks like now?
    she should know that when you slim down too much, fake boobs start going asymmetrical (the Tori Spelling effect). quite evident in your bottom left photo

  8. Yuuka

    I thought those last few photos were of Donatella Versace! * 😡 *

    The majority of people who comment on the body shape and size of women really are women. Where is the sense of sisterhood?!

    I went to a couple of shops in Singapore to buy clothes. One woman working there dismissively told me that I shouldn`t bother because they only stock S and XS. The other took one look at me and said, “Girl, we don`t carry (pants) sizes above 28!”

    Nooooo!!! Sob.
    They were both nice to me though.

  9. mooiness Post author

    Indra: heheh you actually said that?! but I guess she needed the brutal truth if she wasn’t gonna start eating more. 😉

    yurl: the sudden weight loss and the bad job with the removal of her implants make it look really bad.

    Yuuka: oh ok at least they were polite. As I was reading your comment, I could imagine two catty girls being bitchy. If I were you, I wouldn’t shop at places where they make you feel fat when you are not. But it’s hard for women I know – you adore fashion too much.

    waddafak: true that – most men do.

    marsha: Obviously no one was brave enough to say something about it to her face. I hope her real friends say something soon.

  10. Yuuka

    Mooi, they actually used really rude tones but I made a sad face and asked whether I really look so big then I asked if they`ll let me try on a size 24 and they softened up.

    I`m only really picky with restaurant service! Sour faces/bad service and I`m never ever eating there again ever no matter how much I loved the food. Clothes are slightly harder for me to pass up. * 😛 *

  11. Katie

    Hmm. I’ve noticed her weight loss and I see that she looks worse rather than better. I’ve known many girls who have suffered from eating disorders – two are currently in rehab. It’s a pretty scary world for a female (or male) with low self-confidence…

  12. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: actually she had them removed sometime in between Sept and Oct. That’s why in the Sept pic her boobs still look ok even though she’s thin. And then in the Oct pic, they look obviously sunken in.

    She was a natural C-cup before.

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