Charming, isn’t it?

October 21, 2007 9:47 PM

Chinese matrimonial charm

Mom dropped this on my desk …

Me: What’s this?
Mom: It’s a matrimonial charm. It worked for your cousins in Penang. They swear by it.
Me: So you are saying that my natural charm and good looks aren’t good enough?
Mom: Well no, but we all know that you can do with some help.
Me: Who’s “we”?
Mom: Never mind, just put it in your wallet ok?

If it works, you’ll read about it here first. :mrgreen:

28 thoughts on “Charming, isn’t it?

  1. Wilson

    Eh? I thot the chinese coins charm is more for wealth and money luck.
    Tell your mom, for matrimonial you should use mandarin duck or double happiness charm instead.

  2. nasilemak

    omg I think your mother getting desperate..:D

    I thought its usually girls that gets presented with stuff like that,but I was wrong.At least she didn’t try to burn you a charm and make you drink charred pieces of paper…..No, I didn’t do that but I had seen it forced down the throat of my cousin:)

  3. mirebella

    Lol. Once one reaches the 30’s and without a partner in sight, parents simply turn a quiverring nervous wrecks ;). Double happiness jade charm – well, it doesnt hurt to simply carry it around now does it? hehehhee

  4. mooiness Post author

    Wilson: it’s jade actually, and not coins.

    nasilemak: you think? hahahah! I have drank charred-pieces of paper before but it was for a different reason.

    mirebella: no it doesn’t hurt to carry it around. Just as well it’s not that bulky. Heheh.

    Katie: no they don’t! I think this is her last ditch attempt. Dad don’t really care so much. Hahah!

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: oh she’s always been, and now I think she’s given up on being subtle about it. Haha!

    smashp0p: wait a few more years and if you are still single, she just might!

  6. Lisa Y

    Eh, I’ve drank water with burnt paper before. Tasted horrible. Anyway, that’s besides the point. Aiya… make an entry proposing a date to one of your readers and the one selected can win a charm and a happy family? Sure got replies wan. :p

  7. Indra

    I always admire this stuff. It makes you so ummm “chinese” and it raise curiousity among friends 🙂

    I’ve got a charm before, in a form of a necklace. One day, it suddenly break in two, out of nowhere. I was wondering why, until the next day when my parents told me that apparently, a competitor of my dad’s trying to do some evil thing to my dad, by hurting me. And apparently, the jade necklace “protected” me. Believe it or not 🙂

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  9. Su Fern

    I just read about this. Shane has one look alike before and we passed it to Ee Teong. And within a few months, he found himself a GF. I will put you in the name list as well 🙂 You should have told me then i will pass it to you instead 😉

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