The charm is working, yes?

October 22, 2007 11:51 PM

So you know that I was given a matrimonial charm on the weekend, just before I was heading out for drinks too. My mother, if nothing else is very smarts – she knew I’d be in the vicinity of women. However, nothing noteworthy happen on Saturday night. No smiles, no eye contact, no chit-chat, no accidental bump and touch of a woman’s chesticles.

Today was different though. For one, I got in touch again with a girl I had a crush on in primary school (yeah 20 odd years ago!) and another whom I used to party with. Not that I wish for anything to happen with either of them -the girl I had a crush on is now a married mother of a 3 year old and the other is happy with her boyfriend. So it was on Facebook, but it happened on the same day!

Plus I saw these two hot girls at the supermarket today. Usually one would have been enough for me but two! At the supermarket no less. Could it be that this thing works in mysterious ways? You see the theme of today’s events don’t you? Is it slowly winding up its powers before it unleashes all of it and I’m like Chris O’Donnell in that scene from “The Bachelor” where he’s chased by thousands of love-lorn single women?

Pfft, yeah right. As if.

I’m not greedy. One perfect woman will do. Marriage is after all for life, or so it should be anyway. But I wonder if the charm will throw a few my way and let me “evaluate” and decide? 😛

18 thoughts on “The charm is working, yes?

  1. sourrain

    the charm can only do so much…it’s thrown the hot chicks at you at the supermarket, now its up to you to ram into their cart and offer to buy them ice cream….

    or tofu, whichever rocks their boat.

  2. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: tofu eh? I like the way you are thinking.

    natnatviv: you’ve heard about it too? I didn’t know it was that well-known until this trip.

    Lupin: yeah air-mail it to you!

    cat_aunty: it’s probably a BIG coincidence and I’m reading too much into random events. Hahah!

  3. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: you may be right, it’s probably like a placebo effect.

    Indra: if it works and there’d be no solid proof that it is caused by the charm either. 😉

    Lisa Y: contrary to the ads – boom chika wah wah – do women really like the scents? I think that they are too strong/heady.

  4. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: yeah I don’t like it myself – very cheap and strong smell.

    Indra: like blur ting said, perhaps it helps by putting you in the right frame of mind because you know you are carrying it.


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