Boy meets girl: moments that suck

October 23, 2007 9:33 PM

The 40 Year Old Virgin

In no particular order, the sucky moments when dating or in a relationship …

  1. Asking a girl out for a movie, and she brings her brother along.
  2. She was a “maybe”, and not a “yes, definitely” on your scale of girls who you’d go out with. You see each other around a lot. Then one day, you got talking and she gave you her number. You called her and she blows you off.
  3. She made you waited for it because she thought that “it’s too soon” and that “you should know each other better”. And when she finally decided that she was ready, you knew enough about her that you lost interest in her already.
  4. After driving around all night, you failed to find a spot to park and make out at. You got pissy at each other. Then you went home to porn.
  5. Being stood up.
  6. Whilst being with her, you thought that you can do better than her so you break up. And then you realise: actually, you can’t.
  7. She was jealous of your female friends.
  8. You weren’t jealous enough.
  9. Staying with her because of her body.
  10. Meeting her at a party, she touched and flirted with you a lot. After an hour of conversation, she suddenly decided to drop a hint. “Yeah my boyfriend likes that too…”
  11. Knowing that you are a rebound, you go into it anyway with predictable results.
  12. She thought that she can change you; you thought that you can change her.
  13. Having an entire phone conversation revolve around why you didn’t call earlier and you asking her “if it’s so important, why didn’t you just call me?”, and she answering, “obviously I’m not important to you”. And then you both forget what was so goddamn important about the call in the first place.
  14. Letting a little trivial detail about her annoyed the hell out of you.
  15. Breaking up.
  16. Still having to see each other around after because you are in the same circle of friends.
  17. Losing half your friends as a result.
  18. Which can be alright since you hated her friends anyway.
  19. Being rejected.
  20. No matter how much of the above you go through, it still hurts every time.

14 thoughts on “Boy meets girl: moments that suck

  1. mooiness Post author

    v.u.: oh wow, that is classic.

    herman: I always am!

    nadnut: if one is to believe in love and romance, then you have to believe that the good is more than the bad. 🙂

    Jeremy: depends on the situation though – how long after the break up, how did it happen etc. And how good a friend he was. Yes, it still sucks and it is kinda awkward.

    blur ting: hahaha, I think with some of the points listed above, they can happen in any relationship good or bad.

  2. girlstar7

    The worst things about dating/relationships are break-ups…no matter how many you go through, they still fucking suck!
    Also, how about you get in a big fight, then go to work/out with friends/whatever with things unresolved so you spend the whole time at work/out feeling like shit and not being able to think about anything else….

  3. Indra

    I don’t think you got this.

    Having a crush with a friend, she flirt with you, getting out all the signs, being so so close (almost naughty) at times, but when you asked her out, she said “I just take you as a friend”


    and then she started to back up.

  4. sourrain

    hell, i agree with indra.

    This is why they say that it is difficult for men and women to be good friends – the lines gets so easily blurred that you don’t know whether you’re comming or going from one day to the other.

    but you know,we all go through with it ANYWAY.


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