Rhythm is a dancer

October 25, 2007 11:36 PM

If this is your first time here, let me introduce myself: Marcus Ooi, clubber. I like house and trance. I go to clubs and I go to raves. I don’t really know any moves but I’ve had random strangers come up to me before and said that I look good dancing.

I think it’s because I’m good at feeling the beat and following the rhythm. The rest just comes naturally. I can’t do fancy stuff with my feet – sometimes, something wicked would happen but I wouldn’t be consistent with it. I’d be like, “Hey! That was cool …. oh shit, I can’t do it anymore” and I’d lose my rhythm and then I’d quickly do a spin or a stupid hand movement to get out of it. Hah!

So what I’m mostly good at is my upper body movement. A lot of it is projecting an illusion – faking walking or running movements with your arm, swinging your head around or bopping it up and down, and occasionally drop your shoulder and alternate. Turns your palms up or down, and point here and there. If you can move your neck like a Bollywood dancer, throw that in as well. Mix it all up and keep up with the beat and almost anyone can look good doing it.

Lately I thought I might improve my feet movement. I decided to look up the Melbourne Shuffle. I’ve actually seen people do it before but I never knew that that was what it was called, until I saw it on Youtube recently. Here’s a great clip showing the basics (4:00).

Here’s the same dude doing it to some music (2:27). I move my arms, head and shoulders pretty much the same way but I can’t move my feet as good as he does.

Here’s him again doing some funky hand movements (8:18). Stay till the end for “The Bus Driver” – it’s hilarious.

I like what he says at one point here (2:42). Paraphrasing it: if you are having fun and got the rhythm, who cares if your steps are correct or not, or if you look good doing it. Be silly and have a good time. 🙂

So I’ll be practicing the Melbourne Shuffle the next few months, preparing for Paul van Dyk’s gig in December. It’s a good way to keep the weight off too. Woohoo. :mrgreen:

18 thoughts on “Rhythm is a dancer

  1. mooiness Post author

    daphne: duly noted. 😉

    blur ting: bits of it only, I’m not that good! and most times only in one direction hahaha. That’s why I don’t do it and why I need to practice it. Hahah.

  2. mooiness Post author

    archi’s mum: heheh thanks for dropping by! and yeah the moves are cool but I don’t think it’s that hard to learn. It’s just a shuffling of the feet as the name implies. 🙂

  3. sourrain

    if you need less friction, dump some powder on the floor. It’s important to check out your soles to make sure that you can glide on the dancefloor smoothly like mooon walk style – friction will make your legs weep the next day if you have a pair of brand new sneakers.

    Ah, welcome to the world of shuffling 🙂

  4. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: ah good advice but most places I go to the dancefloors would be packed, and I’d be dancing on the carpets. And yeah the knees and ankles ache a little the next day.

    World of shuffling, woohoo!

  5. juji


    i’m glad i’m not the only one who has gotten the “good dancer” comment.

    and i too, consider this to be entirely based on superior upper body movement. it’s all front, it’s not about ACTUALLY being skilled … i just give the illusion of it.

  6. Alex


    i’ve been practicing for a while now, but its starts getting tricky when i start changing legs. im just wondering if you know of any dance teachers?

    and how did you start dancing like that?
    its excellent

  7. mooiness Post author

    Alex: look around on Youtube, there’s quite a few good Aussie ones. Maybe you can email them?

    As for my dancing, I just started out observing people and imitating them. And watching these instructional videos like the ones I found above.


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