Friday night’s clubbing

October 27, 2007 2:06 PM

I was out at Nik Fish’s gig at The Rise last night. These are my stories …

  1. Met another person who recognised me from my clubbing highlight clips (available on Youtube and Vimeo, or look through my photos link above). The great thing about being recognised is not that they know who I am but the fact that they liked what I did. And it’s always great to find like-minded strangers. Then again, that’s not that hard since I see these people whilst out clubbing.

    The guy’s name is Simon and he’s a scaffolder by day and a DJ by night. We got talking about the gigs that we’ve been to and are going to. We shared opinions: “yeah, GK was better last year”, “I think the Armin gig spoilt the rest of the year for us, how is anything else going to match up to that?!”

    We talked about how he prefers spinning with vinyl for the tactile feel but those are expensive at A$20 per single.

    We talked about how good music lifts you up, even without the meds. This is something I truly agree with. Ecstasy may be good but it is only truly phenomenal if you don’t even need the stuff in the first place. 🙂

  2. Also met a funny guy by the name of Phil whom I’ve seen around the Perth raving scene. Phil’s a Scotsmen in his 30s I think, who has travelled and lived around South-East Asia and professed to me he loves Asian women. And he told me all his girlfriends were Asians.

    I said, “What? Even in Scotland?” He said, “Yeah, my ex there was half-Thai, half-Welsh”.

    The lucky bastard. :mrgreen:

  3. One thing that I have noticed with Asian clubbers is their propensity to stick in the “Asian corner” of the club, and not mix around. Some white clubbers are just as cliquish but at least they circulate themselves, and are more or less friendly and receptive to a smile.

    If they were a bit more open and less stand-offish, they’d find that they would meet a lot of interesting people like I do. Then again, maybe they don’t want to meet other people when they are out – I notice this in particular the Asians who are couples. Their loss. 😉


5 thoughts on “Friday night’s clubbing

  1. blur ting

    You’re quite right about Asians sticking to their own clique. It’s the same here. I went to Club Med Cherating once and being solo, hung around a bunch of attractive women from an accountacy firm in Singapore. They stuck to themselves all night and when men (mostly caucasians) approached them, they just ignored them or looked totally uninterested. Finally, the guys just threw their hands up in the air, like “What’s up with you ladies?” FYI, it was a special Club Med weekend escapade for solos to get out and party!

    I can’t understand why they were here in the first place when all they wanna do is NOT socialise!

  2. mooiness Post author

    Oh I know that kinda reaction well. I can feel your frustration as well. Defeats the purpose of singles theme getaway doesn’t it?

    With me, if I smile at a group of girls and they just look at me with disdain or indifference, then I’m turned off immediately. No matter how pretty they are, it doesn’t excuse bad behaviour.

    And girls like that are definitely not worth my time and effort to chat up. Let them feel all superior all they want. I’ll take my fun elsewhere. 🙂

  3. girlstar7

    RE: Asian CLubbers. Many of them, like you, just mix with everyone else but in Melbourne we have ‘Asian Nights’ at particular clubs. So the asians that want to stick to themselves, go there. You don’t see those cliquey asians so much at regular clubs.
    BTW that blonde girl has a really good stomach! 🙂

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