Microblogging: the weekend that was

November 4, 2007 2:05 PM


A collection of thoughts and happenings over this past weekend.

  1. Overheard from the table of Anglo couples at a Chinese restaurant:

    Should we have satay prawns?
    No, don’t like prawns.
    Ok, satay beef then.
    Yeah, alright.
    Next, sweet and sour fish?
    No, not fish.
    Ok, sweet and sour pork then.
    Don’t forget the spring rolls.

    I shouldn’t laugh really. Italians probably think the same of me at their restaurants. It’s always the spag bol, the marinara, or the chicken parmigiana for me. And if I’m in an adventurous mood – the vongole.

  2. Over drinks with my two female cousins, they said:

    If they aren’t married, it’s fair game. And even if they are, it’s still doable even though it becomes slightly more complicated.

  3. Overheard at a pub, what must be the most pointless conversation ever:

    I reckon the water in the city tastes like swimming pool.
    Yeah, the water tastes so much better in the country. No offense.
    None taken.
    It’s ok though. At least your air is clean. It’s almost as good as the country’s.

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