The Patrick Moberg Story

November 8, 2007 10:23 PM

Patrick Moberg Camille Hayton

The hero of our story goes by the name of Patrick Moberg who works for Vimeo, the video-hosting site. On the 4th of November, he saw a pretty girl whilst riding the subways of NYC but never approached her. Having missed the opportunity to talk to her, he proceeded to do something about it. That something involved registering the domain name “” and posting up a “seeking Susan” ad:

Patrick Moberg,

In his words:

You: Fancy braided hair, flower in the back left, rosy cheeks, scribbling in a journal, blue gym shorts, blue tights.
Me: Not insane, skinny, tall.

Gothamist: The L(ove) Train

His site URL got passed around the net-savvy and media-connected populace of New York City. Two days later someone who works with the mystery woman recognised the description. Turns out she’s an Australian girl who works as an intern at BlackBook magazine. And she’s currently an extra on the set of the “Sex and the City” movie.

Gothamist: Moberg’s Mystery Woman: Revealed!
BlackBook: Patrick Moberg’s Crush is BlackBook’s Camille Hayton!

They’ve now been put in touch with each other. Whether or not it would work out is unknown.

A lot of commentators on the posts asked why didn’t he just talked to her on the train? As he explains in this video below (3:00), he was working up the courage when the train stopped and she got off. In the midst of the rush of people coming in and out of the train, he lost sight of her.

I can definitely understand how nerve wrecking cold-approaching a stranger would be. Plus he also noted, she might not have been in a receptive mood and might have thought that he was a creep. And he was probably too nervous to come off coherent and not-insane.

Patrick discusses the girl of his dreams from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo.

Gothamist: Video of the Day: The Subway Cyrano Speaks Up

How would this have worked out without websites, email, online video …?

One thing that strikes me about this story is that he would have never met his dream girl had it not been for the power of modern media and social networking. He had used his position and connections at Vimeo to great advantage.

Imagine the alternative of printing out posters and sticking it around the neighbourhood like you would do for a lost pet. How many posters and how much effort would that have taken?!

Also, being able to see him on video probably helped her decide that he was worthy for a meet-up. In hindsight, his elaborate way of getting her attention might work out better than had he made a bad first impression on the train.

And I understand why he didn’t talk to her on the train. Not only because of the reasons which he had mentioned in his video, but also because I’ve been there myself many times. But I’ve as yet, not did what he did and put up a website to search for that lost connection.

p.s. Some of the comments on Gothamist mention the possibility that this is all a media prank, or stunt marketing for Vimeo, BlackBook and maybe even for the “Sex and the City” movie. The cynical side of me thinks that is a distinct possibility. But it’s a great story nonetheless. If this storyline hasn’t been done in a movie yet, I’m betting that we might just see it happen.

Remember “You’ve Got Mail“? πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “The Patrick Moberg Story

  1. Papa

    If this is real and not a publicity stunt then I applaud the guy for his creativity, industry, and his dedication to meet this girl, but I’m a little pessimistic of the outcome.

    After watching the video and noting Patrick’s body language, and the fact he didn’t approach her when he had the chance on the subway is what’s making me think things won’t develop. After all the work he’s done, now what?

    The above probably sounds hostile towards Patrick, my apologies to him and to anyone offended, and I really hope it works out between him and the NY Girl of his dreams. I also think there’s a lesson here for all the single guys. Don’t let the anxiety of approaching a girl prevent you from even saying “hi.” I know what it feels like before you approach a stranger, and an attractive one to boot, but it’s all in your head, and it’s alright to be nervous about it, just don’t keep thinking about it or the anxiety gets worse, better to just walk up and say “hi”.

  2. Katie

    Yeah, us Aussie girls are hawt. πŸ˜›

    It’s likely that it’s all for the Sex and the City movie advertising but still … it’s pretty cool. And if it’s real, I’d sure be flattered if I was her! Either way, I hadn’t heard of it until now and I think it’s cute. πŸ™‚

  3. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: you are not wrong about Aussie girls!

    Papa: excellent analysis. I agree, now what? Although I must stand up for the single guys. Saying “hi” is easy, it’s what comes next that’s hard. Plus when it’s not a social situation, it’s even harder.

    That said, if there was eye contact and a smile from a stranger that I might fancy, I’d go for it.

    Katie: real or fake, I think it’s a great story too. And a good water cooler topic: why didn’t he talk to her on the train, what happens now, could it have worked without technology etc. And yeah you know you are hot. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Lisa Y

    Sweet. What happens if she is no longer his dream girl? Will he start another website/ad again to look for a second dream girl?

    Matey, you should consider doing this with the hawt girls you see.

  6. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: too many girls everywhere.

    Lisa: hahah as good as an idea that is, I’d quickly overwhelm myself. Everytime I walk into the local mall, I think I’ve found my dream girl multiple times! πŸ˜€

  7. Papa

    I’m not trying to give any unsolicited advice, but I’ve learned that there is an art form to talking to a stranger you’re interested in, it’s a skill that can be learned by anyone who really wants to learn it.

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  9. nihonwhinequeen

    Arghh…i agree w papa…it’s always the part after the initial hi, what’s next? I have a major crush on someone but the thought of a perfect conversation NOT happening after the initial hi that is so nerve-wreaking and totally killing me.

  10. mooiness Post author

    steph: I agree, though with the media circle being so insular the speed with which it had happen is possible. If this was scripted entertainment, then it’s not too shabby since it’s free. πŸ™‚

  11. An

    He’s Cute!! =P

    That said, yah. saying Hi is easy. It’s the words that comes after that, that is difficult. He may have been rejected straight off if he had tried to approach her directly that day, or not… But I’m thinking, she may be more amiable to meeting him after his efforts in looking for her. I’m really quite interested to know how they work out. =)

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  13. Papa

    I forgot to check this post for more comments. I saw a new post and totally forgot, my bad, but here’s a little unsolicited advice concerning conversations, and this is geared more towards a guy talking to a girl than vice versa, sorry nihonwhinequeen.

    All the aspects of conversation as an art form covers several principles that bleed to other areas and out span the scope of a comment section, so I’m only going to give a couple of primary important principles:

    1. Never ask a bunch of questions. Keep the questions down to a skeletal minimum. If you do ask a question make it a solicitation on her thoughts about some topic that’ll have the two of you exchanging ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc. Need a good topic women can relate to? Pick up an issue of Cosmopolitan and check out the advice section, or something you’ve heard around the office or from other friends. When you’re starting a conversation expect to do most of the talking in the beginning, but be prepared to quickly stop whenever she has something to share. When you’re telling her a story that happened to you, give a little detail about the events but expound on what you were feeling whether you were scared, excited, angry, etc.,

    2. Poly Topics. When you’re having a conversation with a close friend, there’s one consistent thing people don’t notice. Topics will change on the fly, or change to another topic in a subtle transition. What we see in movies is the latter, the subtle transition of topics in a cinematic scenario. Those are really nice, but in the real world topics tend to change without subtle transition. When you’re having a conversation with a stranger don’t be afraid to change topics when the previous one seems to be getting dull. Too many people are under the misguided assumption that a conversation should flow nicely from one topic to another, don’t fall for it. It’s great when you get enough practice to be able to do that, but even if you can’t it’s perfectly fine to change topics to keep the conversation going.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


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