My vote counts!

November 24, 2007 12:20 PM

I voted for the first time in my life today. Woohoo! I was all excited in the morning but it turned out to be as exciting as it was when I applied for my Australian citizenship. But it was a milestone nonetheless.

Mom and I drove to a nearby primary school and lined up outside the voting area. The queue was small and it moved swiftly. There were two pieces of paper to fill in: one for the House of Representatives, and one for the Senate. I was surprised to see a One Nation candidate on the ballot paper for the House of Reps. Naturally, I placed him last. 😀

Kevin Rudd for PM! Asia – Australia’s Voters Choose Between Howard, Rudd

22 thoughts on “My vote counts!

  1. Lisa Y

    Good job! 🙂 I can’t vote … Anyhoo, regardless who win, I reckon there’ll be a landslide with one’s count very close to the other. Am making popcorns tonight and sit in front of the TV to watch the results!

  2. mooiness Post author

    Lisa Y: it’s gonna be a close one for sure.

    alyndabear: yay!

    blur ting: I came here when I was 14 so I never got to vote in Malaysia. And then it took me 18 years to finally decide to get my citizenship here. So yeah, like a virgin – Hey! 😀

    Papa: not in this country we can’t. there’s a fine. 😉

  3. Lisa Y

    Have to go to the polling station to mark attendance but you can choose to make a donkey vote by drawing smiley face & turtle on the paper. Heh :p

    But I think Australia has one of the fairest elections in the whole wide world (with citizens who are not afraid to speak out) and it’s a terrible shame if one doesn’t vote.

    And yup, Johnny’s out the door soon….

  4. mooiness Post author

    Katie: yup he’s had a good long run.

    Lisa Y: yeah shouldn’t waste a vote like that. Surely you can’t hate all of the candidates.

    Christina: yay for us!

    Snowflake: I think it was more exciting because we know that a change was coming. The counting of votes was mostly a foregone conclusion.

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