Taking Mom to K’s Restaurant

November 30, 2007 12:12 AM

Mom’s 61st birthday is tomorrow and we are having a family dinner on Sunday night. At first we were gonna have the usual Japanese dinner that we do every year (her favourite!). Then I had a brain flash and thought we should try out something different this year. So we are going to K’s Restaurant in Northbridge to sample their French-Japanese fusion cuisine.

I’ve been there a few times many years ago – last time was NYE 2000. I wonder why did I stop going? The food was good and the ambience was excellent. You get to choose from 3 degustation sets with prices at $38, $45 and $55. The style of cuisine is similar to Tetsuya’s in Sydney at a third of the price. I’m assuming that from the pictures and descriptions on the Tetsuya’s site, and from what people have told me because I have never been. The idea of paying lots of money for food does not run in the family, so all this time that I’ve been going to Sydney my relatives there have never taken us. 😉

K’s do not have a website so I can’t show you what it looks like but no fret – I’ll be taking pictures. I always enjoy sharing new places to go with my folks, so it should be a fun night for us all.

9 thoughts on “Taking Mom to K’s Restaurant

  1. yurl

    wish your mum happy birthday, good health and much happiness from us 🙂
    Haven’t tried K’s but will check it out.
    My favorite Japanese at the moment is Kanta in Langford. A bit of a trek and very small (authentic) but awesome food and very cheap. Its always great to find these little gems where you don’t expect it.

  2. mooiness Post author

    mf: yeah time flies!

    yurl: thanks for the tip. There’s a few of these little Japanese restaurants hidden in various suburbs which you never thought would have one.

    blur ting: booking months in advance for a restaurant table – that’s another thing that our family wouldn’t do. 😉


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