Dry Spell of the Female Kind

December 1, 2007 6:55 PM

2007 is almost over. This year I’ve met more new people as usual, and it’s been quite a good trend for the past few years. It feels like my life is constantly being refreshed. Along the way, I’ve also met a few girls whom I would have asked out had they been single. As far as available women goes, this year has been one long dry spell.

Even if I did crash and burn twice last year, at least I had the opportunity to try my luck – once with a nurse, and once with a bartender whom I had known for a long time. They were both blondes. Yes, I like blondes but I like all kinds of women. They were girls whom I connected with and they happened to be blondes. I didn’t like them just because they were blondes ok? :mrgreen:

Anyway, I’ve digressed.

So do I feel thankful for not being rejected even once this year? Or do I feel regret that I haven’t met anyone available? At the same time, single life has never been better for me. And these girls, even if they are not single and available have enriched my life in one way or another. I can’t complain.

In the mean time, porn is a very poor substitution for a real woman but it will have to do. 😈

10 thoughts on “Dry Spell of the Female Kind

  1. Rachel

    Did you just happened to connect with them unconsciously and subconsciously because they were blonde? Bwahahaahah!! yeah I just HAD to. 😛

    On another note, time for another new year soon! Here comes another decade of my 30s!!!

    A good year for you ahead too!

  2. Papa

    Nothing wrong with blondes, or brunettes or redheads for that matter. Babes are babes regardless of their hair colour, but hell, when I was single I preferred blondes. ;D

  3. girlstar7

    Well…who knows what 2008 is gonna bring, girl-wise and in general? Bring it on, and look forward to hearing your updates in the New Year!! 🙂

  4. mooiness Post author

    Rachel: hmm you may have a point about the subconscious thing. Heheh. And yes a good year to all of us!

    Papa: yup that’s right. it’s the whole package.

    alyndabear: hahah! thanks for being optimistic on my behalf!

    girlstar7: yeah definitely! 🙂

    blur ting: you look me too up! heheh, and I think I’ve given up on the shuffle for now.


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