Mom’s 61st Birthday Dinner

December 2, 2007 11:23 PM

On a fine Northbridge evening, the family headed out to K’s Restaurant for mom’s 61st birthday dinner.

northbridge-evening ks-restaurant

Joining us were Uncle Alex and Aunty Judy, and cousins Reucas and Yvonne.

table1 table2
yvonne-mom marvin-reucas

The food was excellent. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered, especially my parents and Uncle Alex and Aunty Judy who don’t normally go out for gourmet food.

On with the food porn. I can’t remember the exact names of the dishes so bear with my 100% literal description of them. 🙂

This is a scallop puff pastry thing that everyone had as entree.


K’s marinated steak, medium-rare. Yum.


K’s fish of the day.


K’s braised duck.


And we finished off with a selection of desserts: green-tea brulee, mango pudding, black sesame pudding and a very light Japanese cheesecake.

ks-mango-pudding ks-black-sesame-pudding
ks-cheese-cake green-tea-brulee

Happy birthday again, mom!


20 thoughts on “Mom’s 61st Birthday Dinner

  1. girlstar7

    *drools*…that food looks great…why didn’t you invite ME to your Mum’s birthday, hey? apart from the fact that I’m not in your family and I”m on the other side of the country! Now I feel like some fish along with a gourmet dessert…oh yeah *drools some more*

  2. mooiness Post author

    nadnut: no – “normal” porn makes you horny. Food porn makes you hungry. It’s only logical. Heheh.

    girlstar7: hahah I would if I could! And sorry to make you hungry. 😉

    steph: heheh you too?!

  3. Yuuka

    Aww.. Happy belated birthday, mama Mooi! The food looks great! I could eat 10 of those little entree puffs (and teensy-looking desserts)! Haha, can you tell I`m the kind who orders two mains at French restaurants? * XD *

  4. sourrain

    I mean OMG…what happened to roo??????!!!!Why??? why must he be so delicious??

    WHY WHY WHY???


    (sorry didn’t pay attention to your food porn)

    I’m sure all the girls noticed the hot piece of meat, but its only me and YC who tak tau malu enough to announce his hot-ness here.Heheheh

    Oh, and I think cousin yvonne should keep the bleached blonde streak. Whoa, I’m commenting like I am part of your family like that…but she still look hot with or without the streak!

  5. mooiness Post author

    Yuuka: hahaha the mains are actually ok sizes – it’s the various entrees and desserts that are small. And I’ll pass on your greetings. 🙂

    Papa: ’twas good food.

    sourrain: yeah well, I like you two because you are so honest. Hahaha! I shall let Yvonne know what you think of her hair.

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