Being the honorary “sister”

December 4, 2007 10:32 PM

I just had dinner with 4 women. One is visiting from Sydney and whom I had a thing for 5 years ago, and another is Jaclyn who I don’t see very often but always have a lot to talk about to. The other two are their girlfriends whom I’ve met before. Except for Jaclyn, they are all married with kids ranging from 3 months old to 4 years old.

I’ve been in their company enough times now that I’ve been bestowed the title of “honorary sister”. Not in a gay way I insisted to them, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

Because of that, the conversation topics which ranged from motherhood, marriage, relationships, men and other women flowed freely. The physics principle called the “observer effect” states that just by observing something, one would inherently change the nature of the object being observed.

But in this instance, I was really just a fly on the wall on a girl’s night out. I mean yeah they know that I was there and that I was a guy, but they didn’t care and they didn’t change the way they talk or what they talked about.

For that I’m glad because I enjoyed it. It’s highly educational and entertaining listening to a bunch of women yakking away. And boy do they love talking. Plus it never hurts to be in the company of good looking women, even if they aren’t available. Makes a refreshing change from the usual sausage fest. :mrgreen:

18 thoughts on “Being the honorary “sister”

  1. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: I didn’t mean the type of sausages that you can stick into your … oh wait, I get it. 😛

    nadnut: either that, or jousting sticks. Hahah!

    Papa: I’ve never contemplated the idea plus she’s in a long term relationship.

  2. girlstar7

    Yeah, i also enjoying hanging out with a bunch of guys for the same reason. I have quite a few male friends and I love to get an insight into the male mind. Although, obviously women in a group talk a lot more than a group of men, I think! 😛

  3. LupinTan

    Mooi, same here, But my age range broaden. Sometimes, I hang out with a bunches of aunties for lunch. And Yes, it’s all motherhood and stuff.

    I contribute too, deal to being the eldest of my generation and experinces from taking care my kiddy cousins.

  4. Katie

    Oh gawd, that last line is so so so so bad! 😛

    I like chatting girl-like with a few of my boy friends – it’s funny to see what they think about our conversations and also to see what makes them squirm. 😉

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: girls talk more?! most definitely!

    Lupin: bunch of aunties eh. Mine consists of late-20s mothers so I got a few more years left to enjoy it. Hahah!

    herman: good question. Let me know if you think of any suitable terms.

    Katie: hahah! as for making me squirm, nothing about normal female bodily functions will have that effect on me. But when you guys start talking about what nasty things you’d do to bad men, I’m crossing my legs. 😛

  6. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: I do actually. There’s not many guys I know who get the opportunity to do this, nor would they enjoy it.

    herman: sourrain won – see her comment! 😀

    mf: hahah yeah innuendoes are always funny.

    sourrain: you win!

    alyndabear: you’d also need a secure and understanding boyfriend too. 🙂

  7. lovie

    I found that a lot of guys like to hang out with girls, just to have a lot of different opinions and get some tips from girls. =D
    I like to hang out with guys, for the same reasons, I’m able to know guys better.

  8. mooiness Post author

    Lad Litter: oh yeah they do talk differently. I’ll add to your list and this is specifically for the younger women – high pitch shrieking and frantic waving of arms and hands.

    lovie: yeah it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, but you’d need understanding partners. 🙂


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